These Prominent U.S. Institutions Have Installed Transgender Bathrooms

04/03/2017 04:59 pm ET Updated Jun 12, 2017

For Architectural Digest, by David Foxley.

The ongoing national debate over gender-neutral bathroom use in public buildings continues to make front-page news across the country. Seizing a banner issue of our time that throws the vast political divide into relief, lawmakers on either side of the aisle are wont to dig in their heels over the issue, claiming, in turns, that it’s a simple matter of safety and liberty. And if the Supreme Court’s recent decision is any indication, it’s also a matter whose resolution doesn’t appear to be closing in. While a number of institutions, religious and otherwise, have fought the move toward offering gender-neutral facilities, others have welcomed or even anticipated the architectural tidal shift. Here, a look at the most prominent members of the latter group.

Collegiate Images/Getty Images

The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Museum Of Modern Art, New York City.

Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Education Images/Getty Images

Barnard College, New York City.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City.

Boston Globe/Getty Images

City Hall, Boston.

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The Chicago Children's Museum, at Navy Pier, Chicago.

Paul J. Richards/Getty Images

University of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Boston Globe/Getty Images

Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts.

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