07/31/2015 10:42 am ET

These Real Life Portraits Of Disney Princes Are A Fantasy Come True

Riff Raff! Street rat! We certainly don’t buy that.

Aladdin is just one of the eight Disney dreamboats that Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen has reimagined in "real life" illustrations that are, truly, a fairy tale come true.


Scroll to check out these Disney babes depicted as though they were real people. 


Aladdin, "Aladdin."

Prince Ali, fabulous who? Jasmine fled the kingdom to escape royalty, and land herself some fine street urchin. Purple vest sans shirt FTW.


Prince Eric, "The Little Mermaid."

Undoubtedly a fan favorite. Like, even if we hadn't traded our voice for legs via a wicked spell from Ursula, we'd be speechless if we encountered this blue-eyed babe, too.


Prince Phillip, "Sleeping Beauty." 

Okay, Phil, the timing wasn't great -- you took kind of a while -- but you were worth the wait, with this perfectly tousled hair and smoldering gaze. Once, twice, thrice Upon a Dream, please.


Prince Charming, "Cinderella." 

Love a man with determination who knows how to rock a shoulder pad and delicately handle fine footwear.


Tarzan, "Tarzan."

The carefree, long-hair, untamed look really worked for T as a cartoon, and IRL it's even better. You'll be in our hearts for sure, Tarzan.

Hercules, "Hercules." 

Your strength makes us weak. Byeeeeee.

Prince Adam, "Beauty and the Beast."

Poor Adam, such a tortured soul who has really been through the wringer -- what with turning into a beast and all. But you emerged as majestic as ever! Eat your heart out, Fabio.

John Smith, "Pocahontas." 

Okay, we had a few issues with your original colonizing endeavors and everything, but you definitely came around and saw the colors of the wind. And the color of your blond mane is quite lovely.

 Now we totally get why Ariel wanted to get on land. 


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