These Trader Joe's Products Will Forever Change The Way You Snack

Get ready to fall even more deeply in love with our favorite grocery chain (if that’s even possible).
09/21/2017 01:59 pm ET Updated Sep 22, 2017
Photo courtesy of Trader Joe's.

Our relationship with Trader Joe’s is not platonic; it is full-on romantic. And just like any romance, it has its ups and its downs. But instead of focusing on the rocky times (ahem, the mile-long lines and general mayhem) let’s take a moment to recognize the magical moments — a.k.a the cheese section.

The dairy area at TJ’s is the stuff that gourmet-on-a-budget dreams are made of: delicious, well-stocked, cheap and filled with character. Running the gamut from classic, creamy Bries to full-bodied blues, unexpected goat-cheese blends, and so many more, there are enough insanely affordable options for total cheese-plate domination. And because we’re so intimate with Mr. Joe, we won’t stop there. We’ll be pairing these wonderful wedges with some of their equally thrilling cracker counterparts.

So grab a bottle of wine, light a candle, and get ready to fall even more deeply in love with our favorite grocery chain (if that’s even possible).

Pair: Pub Cheese A creamy, spreadable sharp cheddar blend.

With: Cornbread Crisps Sweet, salty, and crunchy cornbread crisps that are ready for dipping and dunking.

Pair: Sliced Fresh Mozzarella Creamy, pre-sliced cheese bliss.

With: Organic Baguette Not quite a cracker — but toasted in the oven, sliced, and covered with TJ's fresh mozz and a drizzle of olive oil? We'll plate it, and take it.

Pair: Queso de la Mancha Manchego This cheese is aged six months for an optimal light and nutty flavor.

With: Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins For a surprisingly tangy-sweet combo.

Pair: Double Créme Brie With Truffles Brie AND truffles? And we never purchased another cheese, ever again.

With: Honey Graham Crackers Trust us; The creamy brie and savory truffles compliment the sweet and crunchy honey grahams in a miraculous way.

Pair: Espresso Mélange Cheddar Cheese Brace yourselves for a unique and punchy mix of cheddar, gruyere, AND espresso coffee grounds.

With: Classic Original Water Crackers The necessary even-keel base for such a loud slice of java-cheese.

Pair: Mini Basque Cheese A semi-soft French sheep's milk, this mini Basque tastes (and slices) best at room-temp.

With: Brioche Toasts Like bread and butter, baby.

Pair: Creamy Toscano Cheese Soaked in Syrah for extra levels of creamy complexity.

With: Social Snackers These crackers pack the perfect buttery flakes to compliment the creamy Toscano.

Pair: Grand Blue Blue Cheese This bold, sharp, and tangy blue is simply grand.

With: Cranberry Coconut Snacking Crackers The sweetness of these snacking crackers cut and compliment the Grand Blue's complexity.

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By: Elizabeth Buxton