03/16/2017 08:05 pm ET

26 Things You'll Relate To If Your Sibling Is Your BFF

"When you're excited to finally see your sister and then you realize she's wearing your clothes."

Sure, sometimes you get on each other’s nerves, but no one knows you better than your brother or sister. That might be why no one is better suited to be your bestie than your sibling. 

Below, 27 things that will just make sense if your brother or sister is your ride-or-die.

  • 1 At first, the friendship may have been a little forced.

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  • 2 They knew how to push your buttons.
  • 3 They were straight-up mean sometimes.
  • 4 Eventually, your bickering lead to friendship.
  • 5 They accepted you.
  • 6 They saw you as an asset.
  • 7 They had your back.
  • 8 At times, they saved your life.
  • 9 These days, you're a dynamic duo.
  • 10 You do everything together. Literally everything.
  • 11 It's such a relief to know someone weirder than you exists.
  • 12 You can always count on them to be your sounding board.
  • 13 They inspire and indulge you.
  • 14 Of course, you still have your moments.
  • 15 But they *always* have your best interest at heart.
  • 16 When you're out, you basically have a personal photographer at your disposal
  • 17 If you go crazy with the selfies, they'll keep you in check.
  • 18 You definitely share some good genes.
  • 19 And some good jeans.
  • 20 Probably a Hulu password as well.
  • 21 Every now and then, people you don't know get it twisted and you need to set them straight.
  • 22 You get to enjoy big life milestones together -- and make fun of each other throughout.
  • 23 They're always down to get lunch.
  • 24 Or bring you back something.
  • 25 Or heck, you can just eat their leftovers.
  • 26 The truth is, you may fight, but at the end of the day, there's no one you'd rather share shotgun with. 👫