Third-Party Logistics 101

11/14/2016 12:39 pm ET

Efficiency is crucial in all aspects of business and this is especially true in shipping. Logistics are a microcosm of a company’s competence. Communication and reliability reflect a business’ passion and attention to detail. Reliable delivery should be the expectation, not a luxury.

Why Logistics Matter

Logistics are especially important for small and mid-sized businesses, which cannot afford unsatisfied customers. Consumers have a multitude of options and online platforms to express their discontent with companies.

A reputation for poor customer service is harmful and difficult to correct. Businesses have platforms to review other businesses and word of mouth alone can deter further business. Investing monetary resources in logistics is investing in customer satisfaction and retention.

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Choosing the wrong shipping company is not an affordable mistake. Moving product across long distances can be stressful and communication is imperative.

Late shipments or damaged product reflects poorly on the company and a lot can go wrong on a long trip. Businesses should be conscientious when choosing a third-party shipping company.

A logistics firm is an extension of their clientele and an error by the logistics company reflects poorly on their clients.

Ship Smarter

Businesses should shop around for shipping rates and freight quotes and chose a company that can meet their specific needs. By requesting quotes and comparing estimates from different companies, a business can ensure they are getting a fair deal that makes sense for them.


Companies should investigate the reputation of specific logistic companies. Logistics are too important to rely on mediocre service. Certain logistics firms will be flexible and offer customized options. Other companies will charge exorbitant fees.

Businesses should do their due diligence on what sort of vehicle they need as there are several options. There’s no sense in paying for more a bigger, more expensive vehicle for a smaller shipment.


Logistics firms must be transparent. Even the best shipping companies can make mistakes, so tracking shipments is crucial for a business.

Businesses aware of delays can keep their customers in loop and minimize dissatisfaction with late shipments.

Tracking shipments provides peace of mind and helps businesses hold shipping companies accountable. When researching shipping companies, a business should ensure that they have the ability to track their shipments.

Shipping Options

Businesses have a multitude of options for their specific logistical needs and can get a rate and book their shipment in a little as five minutes online. Shipping companies usually offer several trucking options, intermodal containers, ocean freights, and so forth.


Logistics must be taken seriously. A business must deliver its product, but also on its promises. Businesses must do their homework when choosing a logistics company to represent them. On time arrival of intact merchandise helps build credibility with its customers.

Conversely, a negative shipping experience can diminish the reputation of a business. Businesses should make sure their third-party shipping company provides reliable, flexible service at an affordable price.

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