This Comedian Needs Twitter Followers So He Can Be A Tax-Exempt Religion

But maybe it's YOU who needs him.

Tax day is over, but it’s never too early to get a start on next year, specifically by gaining 100,000 Twitter followers so you can become a tax-exempt religion!

Comedian Brandon Scott Wolf is aiming to do exactly that. Wolf didn’t ask to be a religious leader; he’s asking you to be a follower.

And now you can be a follower, a Twitter follower. That empty feeling you’ve had inside ― it’s not hunger. Remember, you just had those fully loaded nachos.

No, you’re missing something. Following comedian Brandon Scott Wolf ― creator of ― may be that something.

A statement from your future leader. 

There are so many people in this world who are lost, scared, and just plain bored who turn to Twitter for answers and entertainment. I created my religion for these wandering, laughless souls. I created my religion out of a societal need. The need for a self-proclaimed social media demigod to provide jokes. Followers are followers for a reason. They want to follow. I didn’t ask to be a leader. I asked everyone to be followers and they’re following. Also, it’s a really great way for me to receive a lot of likes and retweets on my way to tax-exempt status.