07/29/2015 06:08 pm ET

This Kid Is Everyone Who Was Ever Forced To Play A Sport They Hated

Non-athletes of the world, unite!

 When I was five or so, my dad made me play soccer, and I hated it. So much running around with kids who disliked me, and for what? Camaraderie? Fun? Happiness? Winning? I didn't care about any of those things then (and I sure as hell don't now). 

As such, I used to just hang out with the other team's goalie and shoot the shit, spin in circles, etc. Good times. There was some footage of me doing this at one point, but it's now lost. Luckily, someone sent Deadspin this video of my new idol, and I look forward to lying to my children one day by telling them it's actually me. Seriously, bless this kid. He will one day make a great musician or theatre nerd or something. Happy Wednesday. Over and out. 

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