07/31/2015 04:31 pm ET

Dad-To-Be Illustrates Pregnancy News With Captivating Time-Lapse

Pregnancy announcements keep getting better and better.

This time-lapse video first features the drawing of a couple -- then turns into something more.

Excited announcers: Parents-to-be Nick and Ari-Ann Rollins

Due date: March 2016

Announcement method of choice: The duo spread the word on YouTube with a time-lapse drawing. At first, the picture of the family includes only the couple until father-to-be Nick makes some changes to introduce their future bundle of joy.

Artistic inspiration: Citing art as his hobby and singing as his wife's "artistic talent," Nick told The Huffington Post the couple knew they wanted to do something different for their announcement. "When we discovered that we were going to be having a baby, we really wanted to try to do something unique because it's such an exciting thing to announce," he said in an email to The Huffington Post, adding, "We weren't expecting it to go beyond our circle of friends and family though!"

The pressure is on: Since being posted on YouTube on July 25, the pregnancy announcement has been viewed more than 68,000 times. Nick told HuffPost that the video has set the bar for the next big announcement. "We've already been thinking of some clever ideas for the gender reveal, but it looks like the pregnancy announcement video is going to be hard to beat."

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