Time Saving Products Every Entrepreneur Must Have

12/02/2016 03:03 pm ET

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to streamline and make their personal and professional lives more efficient. That way they are able to put their energy and focus where it belongs, on their companies and projects. These are some products that I stumbled upon and use in my life as an entrepreneur. With the holiday season here this month check out these gift ideas for the entrepreneurs in your life.


Canary For many entrepreneurs, a lot of time is spent traveling, leaving your home unattended. That’s where Canary comes into play, to put your mind at ease. Canary is a complete security system in a single device. Canary allows you to contact the police, fire and EMS directly from your phone, it has automatic mode switching from home to away, a high-video quality with night vision, 143 degree wide angle lens, and remote shut-off through your phone. Not to be forgotten, it contains motion activated recording and air quality sensors. This device definitely stacks up against traditional security system.


Bolt Bolt is the world’s smallest battery backup plus charger. Yes, there are smaller portable batteries, but now you don’t need to stuff your pockets with an extra wire or USB-wall charger. The Bolt is a one USB-port charger while the Bolt^2 is a two USB-port charger.


Prynt Prynt allows you to turn your phone into an instant camera as the first ever printing phone case. No more worrying about waiting for photo uploads online and waiting for a retail pickup time or delivery date. This is a genius time-saving device.


Cuisinart The Cuisinart Breakfast Express Waffle & Omelet Maker is simply a life saver. No more waiting and wasting 10-20 minutes in the morning just watching your breakfast cook. Just put the mix in and get to more important tasks like emails or getting ready and voila your food is ready when you are.

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach’s Egg Cooker is the solution for breakfast or snacks on the go. Say goodbye to any stress trying to time out everything and questioning whether your eggs are under or over-boiled. This nifty gadget ensures solid, fool-proof cooking, every time.


M3D The Micro by M3D is the 3D printer for entrepreneurs on a budget. It is one of the first consumer affordable 3D printers that fits the budgets of artist, students, and entrepreneurs alike. Not only affordable, it is compact and requires minimal setup. If you are in the market for a 3D printer.


Fizzics Fizzics is a revolutionary draft beer system allowing you to get superior quality beer from any can or bottle. If you need a cheap beer tap for your startup office, this is the best option, with no installation necessary. Not only that, it works on 4 AA batteries meaning its portable for company outings and events.


EcoQube C The EcoQube C is your window to nature. It’s half aquarium, half aquaponics and uses basil to filter water creating a mini desktop ecosystem. The plant filters the water while the fish waste is nutrients for the plants. It comes with its own built-in LED light and is one of the most beautiful ways to infuse a piece of nature into your entrepreneurial space.


EyeVac The EyeVac is a touchless, stationary vacuum giving you a convenient method to keep floors clean. By removing the burden of a dustpan you have to bend down for or one you have to be careful not to spill, it removes the time and saves valuable time.


Dyson Dyson Eye360 is one of the most phenomenal robot vacuums out there. Dyson states that it has twice the suction of any robot vacuum and the only one that has true 360 degree vision through its laser eye camera. But hey, especially as an entrepreneur, saving time vacuuming might just mean boosting value for your business.

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