'To-Do List' Red Band Trailer: Aubrey Plaza Gets A Summer Job (VIDEO)

If it seems like there was already a red-band trailer for "The To-Do List," that's because there was: CBS Films released a red-band announcement teaser all the way back in August of last year. Don't, however, let the time lag between trailers harsh your buzz: the new "To-Do List" red band trailer, released on Tuesday, is still lolarious.

Starring Aubrey Plaza and basically everyone else you love (Alia Shawkat, Donald Glover, Bill Hader, Connie Britton, Rachel Bilson, Clark Gregg, Scott Porter among others), "The To-Do List" focuses on a bright high school graduate (Plaza) who decides to spend the summer before college attempting to lose her virginity and more. It gets graphic. (Jobs are discussed.)

Watch the scandalous trailer above (it's way NSFW); "The To-Do List" is out on July 26.

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