10/31/2016 04:50 pm ET

Toddler Honors Pop Culture Icons With Awesome Halloween Costumes

Sully loves dressing up!

Halloween-loving mom, Audrey Kelly, has been having a lot of fun with her 18-month-old daughter this October. 

Sullivan Mae aka “Sully” loves dressing up, so in honor of Halloween, she wore a new costume every day this month. From David Bowie to Katniss Everdeen, her costumes pay tribute to some amazing pop culture icons.

Kelly told The Huffington Post she made the majority of Sully’s costumes. “I use lots of duct tape and hot glue!” she said. The mom also bought a few props and outfits, styled wigs and hair extensions and made a chalkboard to draw themed backdrops. 

Additionally, Kelly’s mother Lisa ― who has a knack for sewing ―  made the purple Prince blazer. 

“She used to make all my costumes growing up, so I think it’s so special that she has had a hand in helping to make this year so awesome,” Kelly said.

Sully’s dad, Brendon, also pitched in by helping to choose the best costume photos. “I almost chose a Katniss photo with Sully giving a big smile because it was so cute, but Brendon convinced me to chose the one where she was giving her ‘serious face,’” Kelly said. “And he was right. That turned into one of my favorites.”

Kelly said her daughter loves dressing up. “She’s always putting on accessories, hats, kitty ears, whatever clothes she can manage to put or drape on herself and runs to the mirror to look and pose,” the mom said. “She also has as much fun at clothing stores as toy stores. It cracks me up.”

Sully also likes to get into character. “She’s has fun with ‘faces’ as we call it. She practices in the mirror when she doesn’t know we’re watching. I’ll say show me ‘happy face,’ ‘angry face,’ ‘sad face,’ ‘surprised face,’ etc, and she does it!”

The mom said she hopes Sully’s Halloween photos bring joy to others. 

“With so much sadness and fear in the news everyday I like being able to spread a little love,” she said. “I’ve been told by many people, many I’ve never met, that this is the highlight of their day and it brings them happiness.”

Keep scrolling and visit Kelly’s Instagram to see more of Sully’s magical Halloween costumes.



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