Top 5 Business Strategies - Inspired By Batman

10/03/2016 04:31 am ET Updated Oct 25, 2016
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Batman is an all-time superhero. Recently, films like Batman v. Superman have been released to show two heroes from different walks of life working together. Though it is initially difficult for Batman to work with Superman, he later realizes the importance of team-work. As such, he puts aside their differences and collectively work to stop a greater evil. Perhaps, we could learn a thing or two from this hero! (OMNI, Sean Mosley, 2016).

1)  Spread Brand Awareness

A firm may produce the greatest merchandise world-wide, but unless customers are knowledgeable of its existence, no sale might be made. The creation of a brand is a crucial step in ensuring the commodities’ long-term success. The company’s brand is their identity. Firms should focus on improving their brand. This does not mean changing their trademark, rather, it is working towards enhancing its quality. It is the brand that defines an organization and makes it known in the market. A good product is like a good perfume. You just can’t forget it. Like Batman, his identity is based on his just actions and his logo. What he does is what defines him, and not what lies beneath his mask and costume. Similarly, a strong brand with decent quality products cannot be forgotten. Companies should adapt entertainment strategies so that they can spread awareness on their brand and products (Houston Chronicle, John Csiszar).

2)  Improving Customer experience

It is an era where customers have a wide array of options from which they can choose their preferences. Any small complaint of dissatisfaction by the client on the social media could immensely impact a firm’s growth. Consequently, businesses should work towards improving their clienteles’ experience. But how? Companies should acquire strategies that enable them to connect with their clients on a personal level as well as listening to their view. Moreover, corporations should customize their products and services so as to meet the needs of each client. Thus, provide them with tailored experiences. Furthermore, businesses should reward their consumers so that they can retain their loyalty and make them come for more exquisite experiences (Forbes, John Rampton, 2015). The people of Gotham City meant a lot to Batman. That’s why he would avail himself at every opportunity rescue them. Likewise, clients are the core stakeholders of any business. Once there is need met, they cannot forget their service provider. Thus, firms should put their focus at the right place- their customers.

3)  Learning Quickly

The first time Batman witnessed Superman fight a fellow alien 'General Zod', took him by surprise. And Batman quickly developed strategies and started designing weapons and armor to take Superman on (should the need arises - leading up to the movie Batman v. Superman, where he literally took Superman head on!). Likewise, market trends change very fast, and as a result, company’s should be well equipped to adapt such transformations faster. Currently, the corporate world has witnessed several great companies lose large market shares due to their failure to adapt changes. For instance, Kodak did not embrace the emergence of digital camera on time. Subsequently, they experienced great losses (The Wall Street Journal, Kamal Munir, 2012). Similarly, HMV failed to adapt emerging trends from the internet such as the new techniques of distributing music like iTunes. However, companies like Burberry adapted the emergence of social media and decided to go fully digital in their business. Consequently, one role-model brand to emulate would be Burberry. According to the Fashion Digital Report in 2015, the brand was recognized as one of the most successful companies that utilize digital technology and ranked top of the digital “think tank” (DIGIDAY, Hilary Milnes, 2015). Therefore, in business, managers should be able to anticipate change and quickly adapt those that can improve their productivity and performance level.

4)  Do Things Right – Have a Business “Code of Honor”

Batman’s policy is having justice attained. Even in the toughest of situations, he always makes the right call (Sujan Patel, 2012). In business, various situations always pop-up to test an individual’s character. How often do firms compromise their values? For a corporation to prosper, it’s crucial to make the right decisions persistently. The firm should not undermine their worth and ethics just to make extra sales and earn more profits at the expense of the customer. They should do what is morally right and avoid duping clients with a high-cost product when it is not needed. Thus, firms should advise their clients accordingly when purchasing their products.

5)  Network Wisely

Business is about having the right networks, being at the right place and teaming up with the correct partners (NH Strategic Marketing, Kyle Battis, 2014). Moreover, it calls for hard work and commitment to the course. Batman had an army of supporters all of whom came in to help at the right time. Correspondingly, businesses thrive when they are built on the correct foundation. Moreover, Batman often worked with other heroes such as Superman to attain the best results. Thus, one should never be afraid of accepting change and working with new people (OMNI, Sean Mosley, 2016).

To sum it up, business is all about being smart and re-prioritizing investment strategies. It’s about thinking far and beyond! Let’s develop the Batman’s mentality.

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