Trevor Noah Calls Out Donald Trump For His Recent 'Load Of Bulls**t'

Noah continued Jon Stewart's fight against "bullshit" by highlighting Trump's contradictions.

Donald Trump may be back in the United States ― currently working tirelessly to make his new word, covfefe, a thing. But even after the long Memorial Day break, Tuesday night’s “The Daily Show” still wanted to focus on the president’s recent international trip.

Trevor Noah ridiculed the various details that happened over the last week, although “orb” jokes already felt years too late at this point.

Still, Noah found more fresh ground upon which to take a stance by taking the president to task for contradictions Trump has made recently.

“The President also signed a deal to sell the Saudis $110 billion in weapons,” said Noah. “Which, can I just say for a second, what a load of bullshit. Right?” 

Which, can I just say for a second, what a load of bullshit. Right? Trevor Noah on Trump's recent contradictions

The host continued after a pause.

“No, no, Trump goes to Saudi Arabia and never once mentions ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’ which is what he condemned Obama for. And on top of that, he signs the biggest arms deal in American history with the Saudis. The same people he even said were behind 9/11.”

At this, “The Daily Show” flashed articles citing Trump’s previous statements. Noah then launched into his Trump impression.

“Really? Was Trump sitting there with them like, [as Trump] ‘All right, you gotta promise you’re not going to use these to do another 9/11.’ They’re like, ‘No, Donald. We’ll never do another 9/11. We’ll do a completely different date.’”

With the pace of news today, a long segment about Trump’s mishaps and shenanigans from last week could have entirely fallen flat. But Noah’s willingness to attack so bluntly made up for the delayed response.