Tuesday's Morning Email: Justice Department Considering Unleashing Special Counsel Focused On Clinton, Democrats

In what is seen as a potential attempt to appease President Donald Trump.


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SESSIONS CONSIDERING SPECIAL COUNSEL FOCUSED ON CLINTON AND THE DEMOCRATS “Attorney General Jeff Sessions, facing a dissatisfied boss and increased scrutiny over his knowledge of the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia, is weighing whether to appoint a separate special counsel to zero in on allegations against presidential rival Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, a Justice Department official disclosed in a letter to Republican members of Congress on Monday.” [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]


AS FIFTH ACCUSER COMES FORWARD, CALLS FOR ROY MOORE TO STEP ASIDE GROW A fifth accuser came forward Monday to say Roy Moore sexually assaulted her as a teen. According to The New Yorker, it was common knowledge that Moore had been banned from an Alabama shopping mall because he “badgered teenage girls.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Alabama’s biggest newspaper have called for Moore to step aside in the race. However, more than 50 pastors are still supporting him, and his base hasn’t fled yet. And people started sharing photos of what they looked like at 14 in light of the allegations. [HuffPost]

18 ‘ONE TREE HILL’ CAST AND CREW MEMBERS ACCUSE SHOWRUNNER OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT During Mark Schwahn’s tenure on the show. Elsewhere in Hollywood, Elizabeth Perkins named James Woods during the march against sexual harassment. Louis C.K.‘s manager admits wrongdoing in quieting accusers. George Takei is blaming Russian bots for spreading sexual assault allegations about him. And Bijou Phillips has apologized for the homophobic harassment of ‘Mean Girls’ star Daniel Franzese. [HuffPost]

FBI: HATE CRIMES ROSE 5 PERCENT IN 2016 Making it the second year in a row the number of hate crimes went up. [HuffPost]

‘OBAMA, TRUMP AND SAUDI ARABIA DEVASTATED YEMEN. CONGRESS IS ACTING. SLOWLY.’ “The U.S. House voted, 366-30, on Monday night to pass a resolution condemning civilian deaths, starvation and the spread of disease in Yemen, admitting that much of the responsibility for that humanitarian crisis rests with the U.S. because of its support for a Saudi-led military intervention and noting that the war has allowed al Qaeda, Islamic State and other groups to thrive.” [HuffPost]


IN AN UNFORTUNATE RECORD FOR 2017 “Global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels are surging again after staying flat for three years, climate scientists reported on Monday, a sign that efforts to rein in planet-warming gases still have a long way to go.” [HuffPost]

TALK ABOUT MAKING MONEY MOVES Cardi B became the first woman to chart her first three singles in the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs at the same time. [HuffPost]

BILL GATES HAS COMMITTED $100 MILLION TO FIGHTING ALZHEIMER’S In the hopes of finally finding a treatment. [HuffPost]

INDIAN SOCIAL MEDIA MEMBERS HAVE NOT BEEN HAPPY WITH BRIE LARSON’S ‘BASMATI BLUES’ MOVIE “We don’t need another movie about white saviors when we did everything in our power to get white people out of our country.” [HuffPost]

YOU CAN MAKE THESE THANKSGIVING SIDE DISHES AHEAD OF TIME Or procrastinate until the last minute like the rest of us plebians. [HuffPost]

REMEMBER THAT CYCLIST WHO WAS FIRED FOR FLIPPING OFF TRUMP’S MOTORCADE? She just received a severance from the most unexpected of places. [HuffPost]