04/18/2017 07:16 am ET

Tuesday's Morning Email: Tax Reform Before August Looking Unlikely

According to the Treasury Secretary.
The Huffington Post
Yuri Gripas / Reuters


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TREASURY SECRETARY: TAX REFORM BEFORE AUGUST IS UNREALISTIC U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the health care debate had set back the tax reform timeline. Democrats are making President Donald Trump’s own tax returns part of the bargaining, saying they won’t work on tax reform unless they know how it could affect the president. Press Secretary Sean Spicer made it clear the president has no plans to release his returns. [Reuters]

THERESA MAY CALLS FOR EARLY ELECTION The British prime minister announced the so-called “snap election” will take place June 8. [Reuters]

TIPS IN THE UBER APP COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU? As the founder of the drivers guild in NYC put it, drivers can’t pay bill with “stars.” [HuffPost]

AUTHORITIES STILL SEARCHING FOR SUSPECT WHO ALLEGEDLY KILLED A MAN AND POSTED VIDEO ON FACEBOOK Cleveland police said the search is now nationwide. And Facebook said “we know we need to do better” when it comes to screening for violent videos. [HuffPost]

TRUMP CONGRATULATED TURKISH PRESIDENT AFTER REFERENDUM VICTORY “President Donald Trump called Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday to congratulate him after Erdogan narrowly emerged victorious from a referendum to inflate his political powers, Turkish officials said and the White House confirmed.” [HuffPost]

WHAT SEAN SPICER HAD TO SAY ABOUT THE WHITE HOUSE NO LONGER RELEASING VIDEO LOGS It involved the phrase: “Frankly, the faux attempt that the Obama administration put out where they would scrub anyone who they didn’t want put out didn’t serve anyone well.” [HuffPost]

FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN PAUL MANAFORT NOW ADVISING CHINA ON INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN As a reminder, Manafort is at the center of the allegations of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. [HuffPost]

UNSEALED DOCUMENTS SHOW PRINCE’S DOCTOR PRESCRIBED HIM DRUGS IN SOMEONE ELSE’S NAME No one has yet to be charged in the “active homicide investigation.” [Reuters]


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THE MURDER RATE JUMPED IN 2016 Mostly due to spikes of murders in these three cities. [HuffPost]

EVEN THE FORMER PRESIDENT CAN BE AN INSTAGRAM HUSBAND Somebody has to make sure to capture Michelle Obama looking fabulous ― on an iPad no less. [HuffPost]

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LOOKS LIKE MEGHAN MARKLE IS HEADED TO PIPPA MIDDLETON’S WEDDING AFTER ALL If we were a betting newsletter, we’d be putting some money on an engagement announcement any day now. Or a week after that wedding as not to steal the spotlight. [Vanity Fair]

THE DEATH OF THE DATELINE Gems like “WITH THE ATOMIC BOMB MISSION TO JAPAN” and “NORTH POLE” are now of the past at The New York Times. [NYT]