07/10/2018 12:28 pm ET

People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Most On-Brand Stories From Childhood

What’s yours?

While Twitter has a penchant for being a black hole where time and happiness go to perish, it’s sometimes really, really good. This week it’s been at its best, with many users sharing stories about their very on-brand childhood moments.

If you’re not clear what on brand is, here’s the best example we can give you: Mariah Carey wearing glitter is wholly on brand. If you’re still lost, we can’t help you past this point.

The storytelling in this Twitter phenomenon began after a July 7 tweet asked people to share their tales. That user wrote of an act of defiance that turned ... uh ... bad:

The responses to the initial tweet have been quite the treat. They’ve been funny, sometimes poignant and mostly weird. Who among us was not at least a little bit weird as a child?

Here are some of our favorites:

Ah, bless all their little hearts.



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