TZUUM Could Be the Next Pokemon Go !

08/21/2016 02:08 am ET

Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm, filling parks with kids and even some adults wandering around looking for imaginary monsters. This game that allows players to explore an augmented reality that fills their neighborhood with Pokémon has grown into the highest-earning mobile app in history.

Within days of the launch gamers young and old began to slowly get up from their couches and computer chairs and brave the great outdoors in search of these elusive creatures. The news is filled with stories of friends being made, weight being lost, and monsters being found. While some are concerned that players are so engrossed in the game they are not fully aware of their surroundings most of the trouble is centered around players who are driving while they hunt down their Pokémon. This is obviously a terrible idea. No texting or monster hunting while behind the wheel is a good rule of thumb.

With players still in the streets executives are already scrambling to find the next Pokémon GO and TZUUM (pronounced zoom) might be the answer.

In a nutshell TZUUM is Laser Tag at home. Laser Tag is a game that has been around since the 1980’s but has always required expensive equipment and an arena to play in. Players would suit up with their lasers and their armor and play a simulated battle.

The creator of the game was inspired to create Laser Tag after seeing Star Wars at the movies.

I began developing the game so Star Wars fans could experience the excitement of the movie in real life”, said George Carter III, the creator of both Laser Tag and TZUUM. Mr. Carter continues, “The technology of the time was very limiting but players really got it early on. The spirit of the game continued for years. Technology has finally caught up and we can now have the game I’ve always wanted to make

To play TZUUM the only equipment a player needs is an iPhone and a headset or earbuds. Although there are additional items such as a pistol grip phone case that can be added to increase immersion, these are not be needed to play.

More advanced than any of its predecessors, TZUUM isn’t just a high tech game of tag. The matches involve team strategy, territory defense and control, a personal shield players can use to block incoming attacks and even programmable drone strikes that can be used to assist in both base defense and capture.

Territories can be defined using the GPS function of the iPhone so a game map can be created by the players using whatever area is available to them. A park, a lake, a neighborhood or anywhere else you have phone coverage could become the game field. And don’t worry if it’s too bright outside to see your phone, you won’t need to.

“We knew early on that in order to play this outside we would need to have players rely on audio queues as opposed to information on the screen. By having the app update information via audio the players can always be aware of their surroundings as well as further immerse themselves in the game. This solves many of the safety issues that other apps are getting in trouble for”, said Damian Skinner, Marketing Director for the project.

Pokemon Go has made popular the idea of an augmented reality where devices mix with the real world to create a unique experience for the user. TZUUM is taking this incredible idea and making it even more interactive and competitive giving players the ability to create their own games with areas they define. This ability to customize the games landscape will help unlock the creativity of the players.

The TZUUM Kickstarter campaign has just launched and is already attracting a lot of attention. It looks like you will soon be able search the world for Pokémon until you catch them all, and if along the way you wanted to challenge your fellow gamers to a quick base defense match for control of the area you can do that as well. Since both TZUUM and Pokémon Go are free to download you should get ready for a good time.

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