Vaping a Blessing in Disguise for Smokers

09/27/2017 04:30 pm ET Updated Sep 27, 2017

Vaping has been in bad light for many reasons. Vaping was constantly criticized but recently most unexpected news came from the University of California. The University of California San Diego made a new study on vaping and its effect on smokers. The study was published in the British Medical Journal also. The study says that the people who are not in the habit of using e-cigarettes and the ones who want to quit this habit can try vaping.

The study was made on the basis of data present with the US census CPS-TUS. The research work was carried out from the collected data which was originally collected for the purpose of seeing the use of tobacco product. The study was based on the largest sample of smokers and papers available from the government. The story was confirmed by the leading author Shu-Hong Zhu, who is the professor of family medicine and public health.

The statistics revealed that 65% of the people who smoked and who used to vape were the ones who are trying to quit smoking. There is only 40% of the smokers who never vaped to quit smoking. Not only confining the study to this but they also made a research and found out that 8.2% of the people who vaped were able to quit their smoking habits on the other hand only 4.8% of the people who didn't try vaping actually quitted the habit of smoking. According to Zhu vaping play a very crucial role in helping the smokers to quit smoking.

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Usage of vaping has many benefits as it reduces the amount of pollution in the atmosphere that is created by smoking and does not even cause cancer. Vaping will help people to quit smoking more easily than the people who do not at all try vaping. Day by day vaping is becoming more and more popular amongst the people who want to quit smoking.

After the release of the study, there were many people who were in favor of the study whereas there were much more who did not agree with Zhu’s point of view.

One of the editorials in BMJ supported the approach of E-Cigarette and Vaping. The article was published by a professor at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. He said that the resource that was made by professor Zhu actually covered the essence of e-cigarettes and vape pens, They delivered the same pleasure of nicotine at a very low price. The E-cigarettes helps the smokers slowly and steadily get the addiction of nicotine away and slowly move towards addict free life.

It is still assumed that the news will not be gathering popularity as it should because for the last decade everybody has been criticizing and emphasizing on the negatives of vaping. The study will be conflicting with the ideologies of the public Healthcare officials.

It has been accepted by a lot of people that vaping can be seen as smoking cessation methods. The people who use vaping actually end up quit smoking.

The studies also showed that the annual quit rate that earlier used to be 4.5% is said to have raises to 5.6%. For the last 15 years this was the first time that the annual quit rate increased from what it used to be earlier.

The data that was collected from the National Institute of Health actually conveyed that the cessation rate got changed and 350000 more smokers were on the list who actually quit smoking.

The report also told that these were only the short-term study that was made regarding short-term cessation rate. The people who vaped and did not smoke traditional cigarettes for three months had the possibilities that they will quit smoking.

Many of the people who were against the study started to point out flaws in the study. According to them the major problem in the study was that it only emphasized on the ratio of people who quit smoking and the ones who started or changed their habits from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Whereas many people who were in favor of the study said that the study could not have been done in any better manner than this. According to such people, the previous studies that were made was only done on a fixed number of people and did not represent the country as a whole. Where is the study that includes all the data or the biggest data from the government itself represents a maximum population of the country.

According to Zhu, he does not claim that the quitting rate was for the long term or not. According to him, he said vaping could help curb the urgency of smoking. Also, vaping does not causes cancer in patients like smoking does.

Prof Zhu search that smoking cessation rate was not only lower because of vaping in 2014 and 2015. But it could also be because of the campaign that was run to make the US free from the use of tobacco.

Vaping might be having a lot of negative thoughts, but the positives are way more than the ladder. Hence, it is important for the officials to understand the plus points of vaping and to make use of vaping in order to control the use of tobacco in US. The officials of the health care department must see this study as a benefit to mankind, and not as a threat to their prestige.

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