Video: Eiger, Mᅢᄊnch, and Jungfrau

10/06/2016 06:50 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2017

This clip is the first of a five-day series of fun I had with my Rick Steves' Best of Europe Tour group high in the Swiss Alps. (Up next on my travel blog: James Bond WCs at 10,000 feet, The New Thrill Walk at Birg, The Mighty Trᅢᄐmmelbach Falls, and The Cows Coming Down from the High Alps).

As guides, we are really dependent upon good weather to fully enjoy the Swiss Alps. The truth is: The Alps are most staggeringly beautiful and unforgettable when it's sunny. And on this tour, we enjoyed the most beautiful day I can remember, high in Switzerland's Berner Oberland. Of our group of 27 TMs (as we call our tour members), 24 joined us on this all-day alpine excursion. This video clip is a moment from the last part of the Mᅢᄐrren to Grᅢᄐtschalp hike.

For a peek at how we design such a day (and share our experiences with our other groups), you can see my rough notes for our other tour guides on my travel blog.