Want to Beat Trump? An Interview with Candidate for DNC Chair Samuel Ronan

02/17/2017 04:45 am ET Updated Mar 01, 2017
Samuel Ronan, Candidate for DNC Chair
Samuel Ronan, Candidate for DNC Chair

Counter Propa reached out to Sam Ronan for an interview, and the U.S. Air Force Veteran and candidate for DNC Chair was kind enough to answer important questions. To get an in-depth look at why Samuel Ronan is so unique, watch Tim Black’s interview with the Air Force veteran. Samuel Ronan understands the DNC needs to be reformed and he didn’t pull any punches during the interview. You can see below that Mr. Ronan has a clear understanding of why the DNC must reform, if there’s any hope of uniting different faction within the Democratic Party.

In contrast, rival DNC candidate Tom Perez Tweeted the following message regarding Hillary Clinton and the DNC:

Hillary became our nominee fair and square, and she won more votes in the primary—and general—than her opponents.

Sorry Tom, it wasn’t that simple. The amnesia among many Democrats ignores the fact Debbie Wasserman Schultz and four other DNC officials were forced to resign. CNN severed ties with Donna Brazile.

One DNC official actually discussed painting Bernie Sanders as an atheist, rather than a Jew, since atheists would be easier to defeat politically. Another DNC official inquired if there were any good anti-Bernie narratives to give the press. Even POLITIFACT points out that Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s claim she wanted to “maximize” exposure during debates is FALSE. From limited debates to media collusion, Bernie Sanders was cheated by a DNC that was never neutral and always pulling for Hillary Clinton.

Tilting the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders resulted in a monumental fracture within the Democratic Party. 53% of white women voted for Trump over the first female Democratic nominee in history. Wisconsin hasn’t voted Republican in a presidential election since 1984, but chose Trump over Clinton. Michigan and Pennsylvania haven’t voted for a Republican nominee since 1988, yet they picked Trump over Clinton. Donald Trump even did better with minority voters than Mitt Romney in 2012.


Sam Ronan has the answers and H. A. Goodman of Counter Propa asks the questions.

Goodman: What are three reasons you’re better than Tom Perez for DNC Chair?

Ronan: Integrity. Willingness to talk about the tough issues. Can actually reach the fractured groups of Liberals who have felt put out and can’t trust “establishment” types.

Goodman: Why would you have been better than Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Ronan: I wouldn’t have tipped the scales, and violated the Democratic process.

Goodman: Why did Democrats lose the election to Trump? If you were DNC Chair, would Democrats have won?

Ronan: Democrats didn’t engage with rural or Middle Class America. It has been an ongoing problem spanning decades that culminated in the mass exodus of the Democratic party vis-à-vis #DemExit. If I had been DNC Chair would we have won? I would like to think that not only would we have defeated Trump, but we would control the House and Senate as well!

Goodman: How influential are Wall Street and big money donors to the DNC? How would you reform or curb this influence?

Ronan: Extremely influential, the majority of the influence in our politics comes from the big donors that fund the campaigns of the DNC and their candidates. I would eliminate it completely, ostracize those candidates that accept lobbyist or corporatist monies and embrace a Bernie Sanders style fundraising machine centered around the common man!

Goodman: Why do you think DNC officials thought they could get away with cheating Bernie Sanders?

Ronan: Because they thought people would simply fall in line as they had done for decades. They were and still are mistaken.

Goodman: Why hasn’t Debbie Wasserman Schultz or anyone in the Democratic Party acknowledged or apologized for Bernie being cheated?

Ronan: I have acknowledged and expressed the need to deliver an apology to Bernie Sanders.

Goodman: Why isn’t there an anti-war movement within the Democratic Party? Does there need to be an anti-war movement?

Ronan: Most likely because it isn’t politically expedient to criticize war when we control the presidency, but now that it is GOP controlled it may rise again. However, we should always protest war that doesn’t truly defend our freedom or borders.

Goodman: Is there a fracture between Bernie and Jill voters and establishment Democrats that needs to be addressed? How would you address this issue?

Ronan: There is a fracture between parties and ideologies regardless but there’s nothing that a majority of people can all get behind. That is why during the DC WNDC I evoked our heritage as the Party of FDR and the New Deal. I spoke to a need to create a program that we could all embrace as Americans: a New New Deal!

Goodman: How would you prevent people from leaving the Democratic Party and voting for a third party?

Ronan: By becoming a party of integrity and accountability that engages people and communities in a meaningful way that instills trust and mutual respect. If we don’t treat voters as the sole source of our power that they are then any plan we would deign to come up with would be a failure.

Goodman: What’s the biggest reason you’re running for DNC Chair?

Ronan: There was a need for leadership that no candidate had fulfilled in the beginning of this race nor since my entry. There has only been a parroting of ideas, and vision, a repetition of conviction without the heart or soul to embody it. When I arrived in Columbus Ohio to watch the candidate forum that took place there I was filled with hope that a leader would emerge and truly reignite the passion of the American People, soothe the hurts of the recent past and unite the party as a veritable force of nature!
The question was asked “what would you do to bring the party together again?” The answers that were given by the several candidates present fell far short of that lofty mark. What I had wanted to see as a person who was desperate for a renewed sense of hope and direction was for that candidate to get out of their chair, step off of the stage and take those few steps to the audience, hand someone the microphone and ask them, “What can I do for you as Chair to make you return to the party?” That is leadership. That is what every other candidate lacks. That is what sets me apart. That is the soul purpose of my having entered, and earned my position in the race as a ballot ready candidate.

Goodman: If someone else is elected DNC Chair, what do you think happens in 2018 and 2020?

Ronan: The only person that creates a DNC for the future that reunites, and reignites the party’s base, that is not me, is Pete Buttigieg. Anyone else has a stigma deserved or not that would fail to unite everyone with the enthusiasm and inspiration required to truly rebuild and re-brand the party in the image of the American people. The DNC will fall, and the void will be filled by Trump’s administration, and the GOP.

Counter Propa and H. A. Goodman are honored to interview Sam Ronan. If the DNC wants to defeat Trump in 2020, Ronan is the only choice for DNC Chair. Trump’s kryptonite is someone like Ronan, not an establishment choice interested in business as usual. Again, the best YouTube interview with Ronan is Tim Black’s discussion with the Air Force veteran, so definitely watch the segment. Trump won the presidency with the media against him, so don’t think he can’t win two terms. It will take a DNC willing to reform the Democratic Party, and not simply blame Russia for every failure, to win in 2018 and 2020. Only Sam Ronan is truly willing to change the Democratic paradigm. We’ll see very soon if Democrats are serious about winning, or simply continuing the status quo. If Sam Ronan isn’t DNC Chair, another Debbie Wasserman Schultz clone will lead the party. Think that’s enough to beat Trump? I explained last week in Counter Propa that Hillary 2020 is now a reality.

H. A. Goodman is the creator of CounterPropa.com and the thoughts above are inspired by his new publication.

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