Want to get well? Meet this fabulous Chicago doctor!

10/13/2016 11:47 am ET

I sat down with Dr. Abby Kramer, a holistic Chicagoland-based Chiropractor who recently launched her awesome website (www.drabbykramer.com) and blog to talk holistic medicine, blogging, and what makes her tick! Dr. Abby (how she likes to be referred to) does amazing work helping her patients maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I know this because my family and I have been seeing the doc for nearly one year now and we are healthier than ever!

What I love about Dr. Abby is her high energy, passion for every person living an energy-filled, balanced life and her general badassery. She’s just a ton of fun while being whip smart and a great partner in building toward your health goals. Dr. Abby is also a tremendous resource for the latest research and thinking on holistic health. She’s definitely my “go to” when it comes to health and wellness.

Read below to get to know Dr. Abby for yourself.

1. Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Sure! I am a Chiropractor & Holistic physician and practice in Glenview, IL (northern Chicago suburbs), however I work with many distance patients via phone or skype. I have a background as an athlete and personal trainer prior to graduating with my degree in Chiropractic Medicine. I started a blog as a platform to reach the masses with good solid information on health and wellness. Many people are so very misinformed on everyday habits that affect our health and longevity in such a big way.

2. Who is your ideal reader and patient?

Anyone that wants to optimize their health and wellness! In my practice I have seen everything from women wanting to conceive, pregnancy care, babies, physical aches and pains, chronic fatigue, anxiety, digestive stress, autoimmune disease, and more! As far as blogging goes, I have articles ranging from topics such as common physical aches and pains, to my take on current health issues, recipes, nutrition, and stress relief!

3. What inspired you to start your blog?

I have been meaning to for such a long time, and finally the calling was too strong to ignore! I want a hub where anyone (even if not my current patients) can find solid information and support.

4. Your website is so fresh, warm, and personal. Who designed it?

Yes!! I can’t say enough fabulous things about my girls with Vibe Tribe Creative. An all-star duo, Hilary Schlesinger (based out of Chicago) and Lindsey Cavanaugh (hails from Boulder) were the artists behind the site! They did everything from branding, photos, and web design and were with me every step of the way. They truly designed my online home better than I could have ever imagined. Plus, who doesn’t LOVE supporting powerhouse female entrepreneurs?! Check them out via www.vibetribecreative.com.

5. What is your proudest professional achievement?

I would have to say getting a research study I co-authored published while still in school. Along with another colleague we published a full blown study on the effects of kinesiology taping during our program. It was pretty awesome to see all of our hard work (it took a whole year!) and efforts actually make it into a legitimate medical journal! And afterward, I swore I’d never do it again-we’ll see, ha! You can check it out, here.

6. What do you do in your spare time?

Hang out with my hubby and 2 adorable dogs, devour books, binge watch Grey’s Anatomy (guilty pleasure), exercise, and spend time with my lovely family and friends.

7. I bet you have a great personal story of how holistic care affected your life. Would you mind sharing?

Absolutely, I have a few. Starting in my undergraduate program, I began to experience chronic migraine headaches. I’m talking 4 times per week - out with a migraine. I saw multiple neurologists who said my condition was “typical” and tried multiple medications which left me feeling worse than ever. I got really good at catching my headaches early, so I ended up taking excedrin migraine to curb the headaches. It worked, but I wasn’t happy being dependent on that either. Early on in my Chiropractic program, I reached out to one of my professors about what he would commonly prescribe to migraine patients. He recommended I try supplementing with the herb feverfew, which when effective, works as a migraine preventative. It doesn’t work for everyone, but when it does it works! I decided I had nothing to lose and gave it a try. From the day I started taking it, I never experienced a migraine again, and a few months later I was able to wean off of it completely. So I was able to directly see how preventative, safe, natural methods of treatment can help treat conditions in a very effective way.

8. What are the implications of the issues facing our health + wellness?

The problem is that in our country we have a sick-care model instead of a wellness care model. Instead of focusing on prevention and maintaining health and vitality, many doctors focus on symptom control. A perfect example is the overuse of anti-inflammatories and pain medications. Instead of finding the root cause of WHY pain or inflammation is present in a patient, most doctors use pharmaceuticals to cover up the pain. Pain is a signal from our body shouting at us that something is out of balance! I’m not saying those medications are never needed, but in many cases there are much safer alternatives.

9. Can you explain holistic medicine as if I knew nothing about it?

Sure. My job as a holistic practitioner is to get to the root cause of why a patient is experiencing a symptom. Symptoms are our bodies way of telling us there is an imbalance. Whether it be low back pain, headaches, anxiety attacks, IBS, or low energy, those symptoms happened as a result of imbalances. I help my patients get their system back into balance, and the symptoms resolve.

10. What action should the readers take?

First, follow my blog! I have provided a free PDF download with tons of goodies and recommendations on simple shifts people can make to be well. Second, do your research! Don’t take anyones opinion on your health and wellness as the end all be all. Learn about your options and go with your gut. If you have the right information, you will know what is right for you and your family. And always have a holistic practitioner on your side! Many common conditions can be prevented, treated and resolved with holistic care.

Dr. Abby practices in Glenview, IL and works with patients in person or virtually. You can find more information about working with her, and check out her blog, here! www.drabbykramer.comwe

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