Watch a Stranger Give an Uplifting Surprise to a Girl Who Lost Her Father Just Months Before Her Wedding

05/04/2017 01:19 pm ET

A couple weeks ago, I put a random call out on Facebook asking if someone knew someone that deserved to be surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Through a friend, I came across the story of someone who lost their dad unexpectedly just months before her wedding day. It resonated with me because I also unexpectedly lost my dad.

During that difficult time of my life, many strangers showed up to support me in ways I never anticipated. To this day, I still think about these people and the difference they made for me, which is why it felt so good to pay some of that kindness forward in this video.

There are plenty of ways to give back, but sometimes it's just as simple as acknowledging someone's pain then giving them a hug and flowers to let them know they are cared for by others.

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