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Wednesday's Morning Email: Trump Announces He's Completely Stepping Away From His Company

Turns out being president is a full-time job.
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TRUMP ANNOUNCES HE’S OFFICIALLY STEPPING AWAY FROM HIS COMPANY Turns out being the president is a full-time job. [Reuters]

INSIDE DONALD TRUMP’S PICKS FOR COMMERCE AND TREASURY Trump is going with hedge fund titan Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary and second-generation Goldman Sachs partner Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary. And the internet cannot get enough of the awkward photo of Trump and Mitt Romney at dinner Tuesday night talking about that potential, ever-elusive secretary of state job. [Ben Walsh, HuffPost]

TENNESSEE FIRES GLIMPSE INTO ‘VISION OF HELL’ The photos andvideo of the massive wildfire that has killed three and ravaged Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are unbelievable. [Ed Mazza and Hayley Miller, HuffPost]

ISLAMIC STATE: OSU ATTACKER WAS A ‘SOLDIER’ The terrorist group’s statement does not indicate that Ohio State University student Abdul Razak Ali Artan was directly in contact with the group. [USA Today]

‘CONGRESS IS ABOUT TO PASS A BILL THAT SHOWS CONGRESS AT ITS WORST ― AND MAY FIX THE OPIOD CRISIS AND CURE CANCER’ “The 21st Century Cures Act has some incredible upsides to go along with a shady underbelly. There’s a reason lawmakers both love and hate it.” [Sam Stein, Matt Fuller and Ryan Grim, HuffPost]

NORTH KOREAN PRISON CAMPS APPEAR TO BE EXPANDING The gulags, which North Korea denies exist and have been compared to Nazi concentration camps, appear to be growing. [CNN]

LOOKS LIKE THE DRAFT WON’T BE EXPANDED TO INCLUDE WOMEN AFTER ALL The issue is being sent back to perpetual limbo ― Congress has commissioned a study. [Jenifer Bendery, HuffPost]

A HISTORY OF SPORTS TEAMS’ HORRIFIC PLANE CRASHES The crash Tuesday that killed almost the entire Chapecoense Brazilian soccer team is one of many that has wiped out whole athletic teams. [NYT]


THE END OF REDDIT? “Reddit, in its goal to be a laissez-faire haven of (relatively) free expression, has been overrun by nationalist trolls. Its staff of volunteer moderators is losing hope in the site’s future.” [Gizmodo]

WE LOVE THIS YEAR’S PIRELLI CALENDAR And its “feminist flair” photographs featuring top actresses of all ages without makeup.  [HuffPost]

‘HOW I ENDED UP IN A PYSCH WARD ON ELECTION NIGHT’ A Hillary Clinton supporter talks about his nervous breakdown. [HuffPost]

BECAUSE LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA KNOWS NO BOUNDS He’s now developing a fantasy series about a wizard with the talent for magic andmusic. [Vulture]

‘KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS’ WON’T STOP FILMING AFTER ALL Previous reports stated production had been halted in light of Kanye West’s hospitalization. [HuffPost]

TALK ABOUT A MASTER CLASS Tom Hanks and Viola Davis open up about their craft. [Variety


~ There have been 900 hate incidents since Trump was elected president.

~ This is not an Onion headline: Two grandmas ended up in a shootoutafter arguing in a Texas Walmart parking lot.

~ Anderson Cooper’s takedown of Trump’s latest Twitter freakout is life. And The New York Times addresses the “quandary” of a Tweeter-in-Chief.

~ This is what a whale looks like in the Hudson River. Yes, this actually happened.

~ Congrats to Amanda Seyfried, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Thomas Sadowski. 

~ Ivanka Trump’s lemonade stand had a bit of a different clientele than yours did. 

~ We are vaguely creeped out by the passage of time (and you know, our own mortality) watching this gif of President Barack Obama aging.

~ This year’s top Oscar contenders talk their toughest scenes.

~ We love that these newlyweds made the best of being stuck in traffic on the way to their reception by having their first dance on the highway

~ Could “Moonlight” win all of the Oscars?

~ This is what it looks like to rock your 117th birthday.

~ And you thought your holiday decorations were snazzy? Check out the Obamas’ final Christmas decor in the White House.


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