What has been left unsaid ?

06/12/2016 03:16 am ET

We live in a broken world, which is separated where the ones compete against others and others oppose against everything that is unknown, not realising that it becomes impossible to seeking  “holistic totality” and at the same time we keep distinguishing ourselves between ethnicity, nationality, culture, religion and ideology.   At the end of the day we must question our global cultural thinking, accepting that we are lacking of tolerance and demonstrate a lack of possibilities of existence.

Fact is that our total thinking approach as leaders and decision makers must change, acknowledging more towards the unknown and the other. How can we understand, accept and cooperate with others better. A truly new and different approach in global leadership could involve, having the courage and trust to cultivating “be” instead, would be the first step. 

As the global society turns towards self accusation and such self accusation becomes a self orchestration. Today we  have created a global community, in which we keep spending time  to talk badly about ourselves how bad things have become globally. But in fact there is something out there, which creates strong resistance that is “good relationships” between individuals, people, organisations, communities, countries or societies. Still people’s first impulse is to “cooperate” rather than to “compete against each other. Something we cannot create nor can it be administrated. It all starts with bonding nurturing sociability, living attachment, affection, compassion, companionship, intimacy, sociability and at the same time it is rather significant, how it can become a taboo  approaching the unknown as we rather accept crime, war, physical, economical, cultural, and symbolic aggressions instead allowing to unknown to unfold and willing to break relationships. Maybe it is all too early in todays global community, promoting “the good” making meaning and supporting good sense towards the future generations as the intelligibility is nothing else than the sensibility of our current global thinking.

It is not a proof of good democracy, when a group of corporate companies making it clear to the state that their interest is by far more important, than the national interest, by putting the state under enormous political as well as economical pressure, in order to keep dominating their global economic activities, which in fact weakens the entire competitive advantage at the end. 

A process, which is now widely seen as a badly political flaw, because it depends on external influencers. A situation which asks for a more mindful political approach, giving more voice to the citizens instead. Still we have not learnt anything, as we keep accelerating the process as much as we want, keeping the entire continent under enormous speed, complexity and intensity preventing everyone from the truth to recognize, but rather receive a "fake world" celebrating and glorifying, horrendous renewal mania, so that now the signs again are so alarming.

We have to understand that systems over centuries have been changed, manipulated, corrupted and modified, that often serve the interest of a few influential minorities. As we have continually accepted these harsh circumstances, because mankind can adjust and find ways to survive this very trade, as it is literarily the same trade that keeps these influential minorities doing what they do best, “dominating a majority”, not because to keep things under control, but because they leave things behind them “unsaid”. We need to comprehend the context of people, who speak the truth in the face of a collective delusion, in order to better understand something that is liberate it from.

Because the human race is complex, inconsistent and paradoxical, seeking peace and immortality at the same time. We are the kindest and most noble creatures on one hand, but on the other hand, invent new ways to destroy our planet and carry out the most fearful atrocities.  In spite of all global economic activities, we have not managed to solve the challenges of poverty, privation, hunger, child labour, mal nutrition, as millions of people go to bed without food. At the same time millions of people throw away their food ever day, how did we allow this global inequality to happen, which leads us to profound thoughts? What kind of global system have we created ?  What kind do we want to have ? We clearly nor grasping the enormity of globalisation – instead we are keep

Today we are in the midst of cultural mutation, which is absolutely decisive.  In fact it feels as if we are faced with impossibilities to tackle and reflect difficult relationships in politics, economy, health and education, as if we have to reinvent a “new global meaning”. But meaning cannot be reinvented newly. It is something that exists and was established within history and is created within a certain age when a need for religion and culture was introduced. Now we realise that capitalism and technologies have reached the peak when politics and communities no longer share profound commonalities, which means we must seek to reinvent new empiric, pragmatic realities. This includes the development of a total new way of thinking towards political dominance as well as global equality.

How can we bring together dominance and equality, without carrying on with decadence and banality, both stay something special ?

What the global community needs is a strong moral conviction, ethnicity, moral values and mindful business methods, that are pervasive through integrity, authenticity, reality and originality instead. Today we experience a fast global “non moralism” and apathy towards carelessness, aggression and nationalism, which is literally turned into a natural interplead towards any living organism over time, which now dies away and we are all going to pay a very high price for that, if we can’t find the courage to avoid it. 

If we want the world to be a better place tomorrow, we must introduce fair reforms, battling inequality avoiding global injustice through profitability and abandon “old school colonialism”, otherwise we face social and economic uncertainty and intensify terrorism will be striving around the world. A mindful social movement, now collaborating, to foster and enrich a sustainable approach to rethink the global progress of tomorrow towards humanity, focusing on business, education, health and society driven by intuition, empathy and self-awareness looking at the way we lead and do business. It is time for a new, moral and ethical leadership approach heading from globalization towards localization.

At the end of our lives we look back and may question what sort of a empty live we had cultivated ?



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