03/24/2017 06:00 am ET

9 Whiskey Cocktail Recipes That Are As Stiff As They Are Smooth

Bottoms up.

With a news cycle as brutal as the one we’ve been living through, we could all use a whiskey cocktail. Sure, a margarita can get us feeling festive, but when we really want to unwind, we call upon whiskey and the great cocktails that can be made with this spirit. They’re very skilled at taking the edge off, to say the least.

Before you mix a cocktail with this dark spirit, you should know that while we refer to it as whiskey stateside (and in Ireland), in other parts of the world it’s usually spelled without the “e,” as in whisky. This is particularly true in Scotland, but also applies to Canada and Japan.

Whiskey is made with barley and sometimes other grains ― and what differentiates one from another (such as Irish, Scotch, bourbon or rye) is where it was made, the percentage of certain grains used, and how it was distilled. 

Now that we’ve got that covered, these are the recipes you should be mixing at home, so that you can bring happy hour into the comfort of your own home (and forget for a moment what’s happening in the news).