08/31/2017 09:49 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2017

These Whole Foods Products Are Now Available On Amazon

From coconut water to frozen salmon fillets.

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods was finalized this week, and many folks were eager to see how this change would affect the brick and mortar grocery stores. So far prices have been cut in all Whole Foods stores, and those stores are now offering Amazon Echos. But that’s not all: One more notable change is that many store-brand Whole Foods products are now available on Amazon.

Transitioning the grocer’s customers to online shopping is a goal for Amazon, so the online giant has added thousands of Whole Foods store brand products. You can now find items ranging from 365 coconut water to 365 frozen peas on Here are a handful of highlights: 

To buy most of these Whole Foods items, you need to have Amazon Fresh, which is only available to Prime members. The service delivers groceries in insulated bags, costs an additional $14.99 a month, and is only available in select cities at the moment.