Why Bernie Sanders Matches Up Better Against Donald Trump Than Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders, like Donald Trump, doesn't have an affiliated super PAC. Hillary Clinton does.

Sanders doesn't need a super PAC because he gets millions of campaign contributions from small donors. Trump doesn't need one because he's a billionaire who once said, "You know the nice part about me? I don't need anybody's money."

In a hypothetical general election, it would be very easy for Trump to portray Clinton as a Wall Street puppet and very difficult for Clinton to explain herself.

While Clinton has used President Obama's super PAC to justify her own, she will have little success pushing the same excuse against Trump, who can criticize the President in ways that Bernie Sanders, as a Democratic candidate, never could.

On the other hand, in a Trump-Sanders race, the super PAC issue would likely be less of a factor. Trump would have no credibility calling into question Sanders' fundraising efforts, which are not only impressive, but also historically significant.

If Trump and Clinton receive the nominations, I suspect that the super PAC issue will become the defining issue of the election. I fear, as a Democrat, that Trump will use it to his advantage and ultimately prevail as the President of the United States.

The reality is, millions of Americans are giving up on the political process because they're sick and tired of our rigged economy and corrupt campaign finance system.

They don't want another candidate who's bought and paid for, and unfortunately, like way too many establishment candidates, that's exactly what Hillary Clinton is.

* The author of this post is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund an entire series of animated rap videos about Bernie Sanders and the 2016 election.