Why I Feel The Election Results Offer A Great Opportunity For Change

I was never in the camp of people comparing the qualities of Trump and Hillary, because from the get go, I didn’t like either of them.

I don’t believe in making choices out of fear, choosing between the lessor of two evils, or supporting the untruths that permeate our world. In this case, I see shades of grey within a black and white spectrum. Where others see doom and gloom, I see opportunity and huge potential for growth and change.

Because of this I often find myself outside of the arena that most people are engaging in, which allows me to have a different perspective and at times be more neutral.

I say “at times” because no matter how spiritual or detached I may be, I am still a real, flawed, empathic, imperfect human being who feels things deeply. And while the results of the election didn’t trigger me, other things can and do.

I understand what it’s like to feel powerless, fucked over, and without a voice or a choice. I know what it’s like to belong to multiple minority groups who struggle to be respected, to be heard, to be treated as equals, and to be taken seriously. I’ve had horrible hateful things said to my face. I’ve been attacked and had vicious lies spread about me publicly.

Here is my perspective

I noticed many things within this extremely polarizing election.

Front and center was a lack of ability in many people to understand or empathize with the other side of the coin. There was little wiggle room, things were either right or wrong with no in between.

Things were taken very personally. There were lots of assumptions being made with emotions running very high. Everyone’s shadow self showed up to the party in some form or another, mine included.

Mass hypnosis and manipulation

I also observed how many people reluctantly transferred their loyalties from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton, and then suddenly, as if hypnotized, began vocally expressing their unwavering support, admiration, and devotion towards her.

Other’s didn’t get so sucked into the Hillary hype, saying their vote for her was just “Doing what Bernie told us to do”. Regardless, they gave their power away to Bernie, and opted into a broken system, instead of taking a stand for what they truly believed in.

A common denominator I see with the votes for Hillary that were really a vote against Trump, is FEAR.

I find this indicative of the subtle mind control programming that is expertly woven into so much of society and the media.

The polarization of our current election system does just that.

It is designed to manipulate us into feeling afraid and trapped, believing we only really have two choices. It then convinces us that because of that, it’s okay to choose between the lessor of two evils. We then start to compromise our values, identify with the side we feel pressured to choose, and collapse into the fear of fighting against something.

In this, we give away a piece of our truth and a whole lot of our power.

We end up selling our soul to the lessor of two evils, and following them down the rabbit hole of disempowerment, into the fiery depths of unconsciousness. Before we know it, we are defending something we never even liked or believed in to begin with.

Post election grief and devastation

Now post election, I’m noticing that many of those devastated by the results and experiencing deep grief, feel everyone should be grieving and furious at the outcome as well — and that those who are not, either voted for Trump, or are just plain stupid, heart-less, or out of touch.

This is what happens when we get caught up in our own emotional soup. We become hyper-focused, seeing only our limited view point, rejecting and drowning out everything else that doesn’t match our personal reality bubble.

When I’m really honest...

The past few days, I’ve watched myself hold back from voicing or writing about my opinion and my personal experience around this. Why? There are several reasons.

1. So many people are hurting right now, and a lot of the pain is being expressed as anger and hatred. Being sensitive to energy, I feel it and I don’t want it directed at me.

2. I deeply respect that we are all at different places around this, and that everyone has a right to feel the way that they feel.

3. I’m still learning how to be fully authentic and share my truth, in the most kind and loving way possible.

Staying silent out of the fear of offending people or getting anger thrown my way, or waiting until I have the perfect way to say something that will please everyone, is not something I’m willing to do anymore. Because the truth is, I’m never going to please everyone and it’s time I stopped trying to.

How I voted and what that means

I didn’t support or vote for Trump. I didn’t support or vote for Hillary either. This allowed me a more neutral stance as I really didn’t have a dog in the fight. I knew full well that my vote for Jill Stein was voting my conscience, and that it was not going to elect her as our president.

I could not however be authentic and stand for truth in the way I do, and then go cast a vote for either Trump or Hillary.

I was told by angry Hillary supporters “A 3rd party vote is a vote for Donald Trump”. I was also told by angry Trump supporters “A 3rd party vote is a vote for Hillary Clinton”. I was told by many to “vote my conscience” when what they really meant was “don’t be stupid and vote for who I am voting for”.

You may not like it or agree with my choice, however when you strip away the judgments and projections, the truth is, my vote for Jill Stein, was a vote for Jill Stein.

Trump supporters spewing hatred

We are seeing what people have been stuffing down and hiding inside erupting.

And while it is completely fucked up and heart-breaking at how cruel some people can be, please keep this in mind.

Those running around openly saying or spray painting ugly racist, hateful, or sexist remarks now that Trump has been elected, already felt that way.

Those who now think it’s okay to grab a woman’s p*ssy without invitation, are clearly out of touch, as there are still laws that prevent this. And keep in mind, not all Trump supporters are acting this way.

Even though to many, reality feels flipped upside down at the moment, Trump being elected president doesn’t suddenly mean that everything he speaks or stands for manifests instantly.

Sure, perhaps Trump winning gave some people a sense of permission to show their true colors out in the open now, but let’s be real about this, Trump is a representation of what has been lurking in the shadows. He didn’t personally create the hatred in people that we are seeing being sprayed and spewed all over the place. It didn’t sprout out of thin air the moment Trump was elected, it’s been there all along.

Taking inner responsibility for our piece of this, instead of blaming the external, can be a tough pill to swallow.

Trump is not the problem. We are.

It’s convenient to blame Trump. However, people didn’t become hateful or angry overnight. This shit has been suppressed and bubbling beneath the surface for a long fucking time.

Most people have been too asleep, too numbed out, too checked out, too caught up in their own bullshit, to notice or to care enough to take real positive action towards solutions. Until now. Because until it affects people directly, they don’t usually care.

Plus, we are so conditioned to fight against things, to retaliate, to blame, that we don’t even realize by hating those who hate others, we become entangled and part of the very problem we retaliate against. We perpetuate both the hatred and the fear.

No one ever planted a hate tree and grew love.

It’s time to clean up our own crap and stop taking it out on other people. It’s time to look within, take some personal responsibility, and stop pointing the finger of blame at everyone and everything else. And to remember, when people hate. It’s because they hurt. Under hatred, lives deep unexpressed pain. So dig deep if you have to, but find some empathy and compassion for those you want to judge or discard as not having any worth or value.

Even though this may sound or feel absurd to you at the moment, you CAN use this as an opportunity to change and heal your own darkness (which we ALL have to some degree).

Model for your children what taking the high road looks like.

Trump winning the election was not a shocking surprise for me.

I have been feeling the intensely dark fear-based energy of the planet so strongly for ages now, and this election simply brought that darkness and fear to the surface, for everyone to feel and experience. It’s simply too strong now for the masses to ignore any longer. Trump is merely a representation of the wounded consciousness that we have been denying.

So this, was the wake up call of the century for many, and it was necessary to bring the truth out of the shadows. Because once the truth is out, we can deal with it. Once we can see what is felt and unexpressed, we have a great opportunity to make changes.

The truth is that we have been living a big lie.

The current landscape shows us this, as an undeniable external manifestation of the unexpressed garbage in each of us. It’s time to clean up our shit. All of us.

Why I did NOT vote for Hillary

It was assumed by some that because I am a liberal woman who didn’t resonate with Trump, that I would automatically vote for Hillary.

In some spiritual circles there was even talk circulating about Hillary representing the divine feminine energy. For me, she in no way embodies the divine feminine energy that is coming to the planet. When I heard that sentiment, of Hillary as the messenger for this beautiful divine feminine energy, it didn’t ring true for me in the least.

So while I appreciate this higher spiritual perspective, the resonance of Hillary as the spiritual messenger embodying this consciousness, just does not hold water.

Yes, we absolutely are moving from a “me” to a “we” consciousness. Yes, the energy of the planet is shifting from a strong masculine force to a powerful feminine one. The scales are tipping, the old paradigm is crumbling, and more people in the collective are waking up to what many of us have already known as truth.

So for me, this was not a shocker. I am not devastated. I am not personally grieving. And I am not going to pretend that I am. And while there are many things Trump has said and done that I don’t agree with, Hillary has done and said things I find deplorable as well.

Why I am grateful that Hillary did not win, even though I’m not thrilled that Trump did.

She is not a role model to me. I find her to be as embarrassing as I find Trump. I see her as a corrupt corporate puppet, backed by some very dark forces. She is not the divine feminine, or the new energetic consciousness we have been waiting for.

We are.

We the people. The men and the woman. The Democrats, Republicans, and the 3rd parties.

Just because you are a woman, does not mean you are the divine feminine in form who has come to lead our county into this new paradigm and shift of consciousness. Bernie Sanders would have much more easily fit this role. Because this is not about men or woman, divine masculine or divine feminine.

It is about men AND women, divine masculine AND divine feminine. This is about humanity. This is about awakening consciousness.

It is about coming together in our humanity, connecting in love, being authentic while respecting other people, and finding empathy, balance, and compassion for those we don’t agree with or even like. It is about consciously choosing and moving towards the outcomes we desire instead of constantly fighting against the ones we don’t want.

Remember, No one ever planted a hate tree and grew love.

The river of corruption is vast and runs deep

Let’s not forget that we are only shown a tiny portion of what is really going on by a highly censored media who paints many pictures that are simply illusions, distortions designed to distract us from the real issues at play.

While Hillary has been painted by many as a saint who could do no wrong, let’s remember that among many other questionable things, “Saint Hillary” supports and endorses Big Pharma, fracking, Monsanto, and mandatory vaccinations.

I choose authenticity

So while I do have empathy for those who grieve, and I do understand and respect everyone’s right to feel however they feel, I am not weeping over the loss of a corrupt woman who was going to bring us four more years of the same thick and toxic unconsciousness, corruption, and lies.

What I am doing, is holding space for the light that is emerging. I am finding the grace in each moment. I am being the change I want to see.

I am facing my own challenges, choosing to move through them fearlessly from a space of fierce love and truth. I am choosing authenticity over being liked or popular.

And perhaps it isn’t Hillary Clinton being elected president as many predicted would happen, but rather the new president elect, Donald Trump, who is helping to bring the new wave of divine feminine consciousness into form.

How is this?

By this shock wave of reality waking up enough people who will now take inspired action, who will now speak up for what they believe in, who will now advocate in fierce love for the inconvenient truth to be revealed.

We are a nation in need of major healing, of coming together, of waking up, and of moving into a new paradigm that focuses on empowerment, love, and connection, instead of hatred, fear, and separation; one that emphasizes standing FOR our beliefs instead of fighting against our fears.

Thank you for the wake up call

I am grateful to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for the space they each hold in helping to wake up the consciousness of our planet. I don’t have to like or agree with either of them, to find love and gratitude for both of them and to see the higher purpose each of them, and this entire election, holds for humanity.

Be mindful of what you are choosing to hold onto and call into your reality, and be open to releasing what may not be serving your well being. This is all part of what I call, The Alchemy of Awakening.

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