Why It's So Important To Focus In The Age Of Social Media

Stop scrolling your iPhones for a second. The Amazing Kreskin explains how to waste time strategically.

Stop scrolling for a second and focus on what just happened in your day. Do you even remember? Yea, me neither. Everything is such a blur nowadays, and this is why The Amazing Kreskin, an 80-something-year-old Mentalist, has a mission to make every one of his clients a more focused human being. Apparently, being aware is what all successful people have in common. The wide-eyed, square spectacled New Jersey native has flown over a million miles around the world teaching people how to focus, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. His latest call is for MET baseball pitcher Matt Harvey, who has had a severe slump in recent months. He offers to work with Met's pitcher on focusing and regaining his mojo on the field.

During our hour-long phone conversation, the mentalist talked about the importance of stepping away from technology, success and as well as culture differences. I’ve spoken with Mediums and other physic people before, but this is not how Kreskin describes himself. In fact, for every appearance he does he asks the host of the even to hide his paycheck, and he will find it. If he doesn't find it; he doesn’t get paid. Out of the hundreds of appearances and events, he hosts a year, for decades, he has found the check 85 percent of the time. The mental perception smeller recalls a trip to New Zealand where he failed to find his $51,000 paycheck which turns into a press conference. Being sure of yourself comes at enormous costs and Kreskin has made a career out of it. His latest book In Real Time, he predicted the current Hurricane’s which have devastated and ruined many lives in Florida, Mexico and Puerto Rico. With many people wanting to know how to continue to lead a sustainable state of mind, this type of insight is welcomed. Here’s how to calm your mind and get away from social media. Go inside our conversation.

What is a mentalist in today’s definition?

I am 83 years old. I have been performing … I have flown 2.5 million miles. I’m only home two days a month. If you take every live radio-television show, I had done 364 last year. I’m not putting them into a trance. As I speak to my clients, they will slowly find that by the 8th or 10th minute, they will remember hearing me and they forget even the sounds around me. I teach them to set aside the limitations of time, and none of that will seem to matter. That’s just the beginning. When I said goodbye to them [ the clients} on that first day, they are left with certain exercises they have to do eight minutes a day. I meet businessmen and women 20 years later after they have a few sessions with me and they still practice the exercises I gave them.

What can we do as millennials to quiet our minds?

When Einstein was teaching at a university in New Jersey, every day he would leave his room, go to a shore area, get on a rowboat and let it drift.

Now, you can Listen to music, not music with words, but something soothing and allow your mind to wander. Whatever technique you find, you don’t do this occasionally, or when you feel like it, find an experience you can set aside five to six minutes a day before dinner or after dinner. And just sit there and just reflect. And let the day and the hearing past you by.

What exactly do you teach in your private sessions?

I’m teaching people how to unlock elements of there mind.

What do you do to calm your mind?

I go jogging at 1, or 2 am in the morning. When JFK was in the White House, he would close the door, and pull out all types of trash magazines. He was getting his mind off of his conscious minds. He was taking his mind off his unconscious, so he can cut off whatever was filtering his mind. So he can look at things objectively.

Why is this type of exercise important in the age of social media?

We are losing our ability to reflect because we are spending an immense amount of time on cell phones. We are not stopping to reflect on an experience we just had. I’m an avid reader. I own over 8,000 books. I am constantly reading.

What other advice can you share with my young readers?

Don’t live in the past, learn from the past. Warning: We are not studying today’s history. It’s a tragedy. My god, I don’t live in the past.

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