Why the Peapod Will Change America and Save Chrysler in the Process

On Earth Day, April 25, 2009, Chrysler announced a new car called the Peapod. This revolutionary product will change the face of the American auto industry. The world has been clamoring for all-electric vehicles that allow ease and mobility within a short range. On average, Americans spent four percent of their annual income on gasoline in 2008. The Peapod will cut these costs dramatically, ultimately costing about 2 cents per mile. This will make it by far the cheapest option for auto travel on the market.

The Peapod, a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), allows drivers to take their kids to soccer and pick up groceries without emitting any carbon dioxide. This cute car (its front appears to smile) offers more inside. It offers iPod and iPhone connectivity as well as an app that shows the amount of carbon dioxide saved by using the Peapod.

Many already know that the Chrysler group is in dire straits and its future is uncertain. This product might be the magic elixir that will save the company by becoming the most relevant form of transportation for the new generation. Much like the Beetle in the 60s, the Peapod may develop into a form of affordable, fashionable transportation for the masses. Yet if it proves to be the new Beetle, the Peapod will not only be stylish but will also protect the environment from millions of tons of CO¬2 that is released into the air.

Although this car comes with the hefty price tag of $12,500 it is one of the cheapest to keep on the road. If the Peapod proves to be the future of the short-range drive, all I can say is "where do I sign up?"