Why You Should Co-Create and Not Compete with Your Blog

12/08/2017 06:39 pm ET

A few minutes ago I noted how superstar blogger and business builder titan Sujan Patel Liked my eBooks on Twitter:

Here’s the screen share:

Sweet :)

I clicked through to this blog and read this inspired article that totally embodies what we are about at Blogging From Paradise:

Sujan explains succinctly why you should be friends with your competition.

I agree 1000%.

I feel creators rise above the field of competition.

This is because competitors reside on a fear-based plane of scarcity. This lower level stuff keeps you down, pulling you back. Even if you do succeed, the fear of competition, or losing your business to somebody in the same niche, diminishes the joy you would experience if you blogged from a place of love, harmony and co-creation.

Newsflash; you also succeed more quickly when operating from an energy of love and harmony versus from an energy of fear, separation and scarcity.


You live amid abundance. No shortage of anything exists. Sure; stuff may appear to be limited. Poverty appears to exist. But only in the human mind. Not in nature. Abundance exists.

This is why I harp on giving freely. Giving freely raises you above the fear, lack, limitation and loss on the competitive plane, so you can co-create with the blogging big dawgs, accelerating your success.

Do you want to know how I was featured on the Virgin blog? I co-created with blogging big dawgs and helped folks without looking for anything in return. Ditto for my appearance on Forbes. Ditto for my appearance on Entrepreneur.

We Are All One

We really are all one.

The concept of competition is impossible, or only possible through mind. But when you spend a few moments breathing deeply and relaxing, you see that you really never go against anything. Abundance exists. Co-creation exists. Generosity exists.

Fear is the illusion. Fear separates. Love is the reality. Love is the truth. Love brings us all together.

Have you ever put this 2 and 2 together when peeping my lifestyle?

Ryan retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging and he seems to promote rocking bloggers all day long. He also helps folks on Quora, The Warrior Forum, YouTube, Facebook and through his blog, without trying to squeeze stuff out of the folks he helps.

I am not completely altruistic. I live a worldly life. Some part of me knows that giving freely, serving others and cutting the strings helps me see greater worldly success. But I also know that the simple act of helping people feels fun, and plays a huge part in why I live the cool life I live.. I enjoy spreading love. It feels good.

Since blogging is like play - not work - for me, I play all day long, and while I am playing on the Blogging From Paradise playground here and there I do tons of playing offsite, through guest posts and through social media. I also love bringing folks along for the ride, promoting them, endorsing them and shouting them out however I can.

This sharing leads to friendships. Me and my friends co-create, lifting our tribes up, and as we do so we inspire more folks to co-creative on the creative plane of life, well above the fear-based, selfish, greedy, desperate, hellish competitive plan of life, where most human beings tragically reside.

Rise above the competition and become such a shining example that you inspire former competitors to become co-creators. Feature a blogger from your niche on your blog. Retweet a niche blogger. Buy one of their eBooks. Buy one of their audio books. Share their latest blog post on your Facebook Wall. Shout them out.

This ride gets easier when you persistently co-create from a space of abundance, harmony and love.

The eBook

If you want to develop the mindset of a successful blogger buy my eBook:

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