Why You Should Maintain Your Rain Gutters

09/14/2016 03:54 pm ET

Do you have a rain gutter installation? Do you think you’re safe from the pouring rain? Sorry to break it to you, but having rain gutters is just the beginning of the story. People automatically put them on their houses without any notion of their maintenance or purpose.

Most forget they even have them, ignoring their real importance. With the rain season still in effect, the necessity of taking care for your rain gutter installation is massive. If you don’t do it, no one will and that will damage your house severely. Luckily, you aren’t alone in this.

But first things first; you have to understand the benefits of maintaining your gutters. From protecting the exterior, getting rid of pests and clogs to discovering the needed repairs and keeping the good looks of your house, we’ll cover it all. Buckle up and let’s begin!

Protect your house’s exterior

Nothing remains clean forever. Especially the rain gutters, which are exposed to the unpredictable weather conditions. With the first wind, a bunch of leaves and debris nestle inside the tubes causing inefficiency when it comes to gathering all the water that slides from the roof.

And do you know what that means? Aside from many sleepless nights and wasted paychecks, it’ll drown the base of your home’s foundation as well as cause erosion and leaks.

The roof isn’t spared, too. Its shingles may be damaged, which will ruin the comfort of your interior.

Don’t panic, though. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your rain gutter installation will chase away these issues like clouds on a windy day.

Unmask the clogs

Similar to taking care of your bathroom or kitchen, when you clean your gutters, they will reward you for your efforts by revealing the awful clogs. Clogs have a reserved place in hell. Your house hates them. Your walls hate them. And you certainly do, too.

That’s why you shouldn’t wait for the nasty puddles to appear near the base as it’s already too late. Instead, check for early signs of clogging. The more often you take a close look at your gutters to catch signs of a clog, the better. Not only that you’ll save your basement from flooding, but you’ll also escape the unbearable moldy scent that’ll occupy your whole house.

Kick pests away

Speaking of clogs, another thing from hell may haunt your gutters if they’re old, dirty, or defective. We’re talking of nasty pests, the likes of mosquitoes and termites, which are invited by the excessive amount of water caused by the clogs.

Nothing’s worse than a forgotten rain gutter installation left at the mercy of time. The bugs use your neglect to their advantage, turning the tubes into their home. Oh, no, guys! Don’t ever make them a part of your family. Get rid of them, or, even better, stop them from coming in the first place by paying attention to your gutters’ condition. It definitely won’t take much of your time.

Discover the needed repairs in time

While gutter maintenance may give you a headache or two, you’ll need a lot of aspirin if you don’t notice the needed repairs in time.

To begin with, in winter the snow and ice weigh down the tubes. They bend them to the point of breaking, provoking an oh-my-we-are-flooding reaction. That’s like the greatest nemesis of your home’s foundation.

Then, if not noticed early, holes may open in different parts of the gutter. In that worst-case scenario, your wallet will suffer even more than you, because the repairs get overly expensive when the holes are too big and the gutters get broken.

Solution? Save everyone the trouble and climb the ladder a few times during the year to check on your rain gutter installation. What is even better than that, you can call a local company and get the job done while you’re sitting in your armchair with your legs on the table and your hands behind the head. A bit of hammering the loose gutters and patching the holes aren’t that difficult when done in the early stage.

Save your garden

Another benefit of maintaining your rain gutters is the safety of your garden. Clean and operating rain gutter installations direct the rainwater away from your beloved plants into designated parts of your garden.

Even if the water doesn’t pour right on the plants, it’ll find a way to reach them and destroy the roots. That happens when the gutters aren’t in their tip-top shape and can’t keep the water at bay.

Make your home look great

A huge deal of the mess that occurs because of unclean gutters damages the look of your house. Imagine muddy patches all around, cracked walls thanks to mildew or mold as well as wood rot.

Ugh, who wants a house like that? Yes, no one.

Nevertheless, some might think that a simple thing as the rain gutter can do nothing to shield the house and make it look neater at the same time. Here is why they’re wrong. Properly managed gutters stop the water from ruining the siding, cracking driveways or sidewalks as well as eroding the landscape. If that’s not enough, they keep the garage dry, too.

A final word

After reading this, you surely want to fetch your ladder as soon as possible and see how your rain gutter installation is doing. But wait right here. It would be better to leave the job to a much more skilled professional, both because of safety reasons and qualifications. The professional will thoroughly look into every problem and make your gutters shine like new.

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