Will Smith Gets Back At Trolls By Singing 'La Bamba' At The Top Of His Lungs

The star spoke in Spanish to address criticism that he didn't know the song's lyrics.

Will Smith has spent less than two months on Instagram and has already wowed fans with his life coach-worthy advice, pointed celebrity roasting and epic Super Bowl fan hype video. But the Fresh Prince has also come up against a couple of trolls who were up to no good.

The actor recently responded to people who had criticized him for not knowing the lyrics to “La Bamba” after he posted a video of himself singing the song with the Cayman Islands’ Pandemix steel drum band.  

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In the response video he posted Monday, Smith addresses the haters, saying in Spanish that “a lot of people in the comments made fun of me because I didn’t know the words to ‘La Bamba.’”

The star then proceeds to sing the song at the top of his lungs to prove that he does in fact know the lyrics. 

Watch Smith’s latest performance of “La Bamba” below, and see for yourself:

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