Will The Future Blame Us For Donald Trump's Presidency?

Remember when we had to deal with a story like President Obama wearing a tan suit for like a week? What about when something as silly as Howard Dean yelling, “YEAAAAH!” at a rally could destroy his entire campaign for president? Back then, something as miniscule as how you sound or what you wore could be played on repeat for days on every news channel. But now? Multiple stories happen each day that could be reported on for weeks.

It’s obvious at this point that President Trump honestly has no idea what he’s doing on basically every level. I could not agree with Bush, McCain or Romney, but at least I’d know they weren’t going to make America a complete laughing stock in as little as a few months.

Although there is a lot of talk about impeachment, which is premature, what will it even do? The line of succession would give us Pence, then Ryan, then Orrin Hatch. There’s no victory even if Trump is impeached. What we get to replace someone who I’m 75 percent confident might have a learning disability, would be a maniac named Mike Pence.

The future is starting to look even more bleak for not just the United States, but for the world. As of June 1, Mr. Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord. This would mean we would join Syria and Nicaragua rejecting it. Yeah, that sounds like good company to be in when you happen to be the biggest polluter on the planet.

Now that the president seems to make America a laughing stock on the world stage, what does the future hold? I’d make a list of all the terrifying things that Trump has done since getting into office (and a massive list before that), but I’m afraid that there is only so much content you can put in an article without having people roll their eyes.

Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t care about immigrants, minorities, children, the poor, women, the environment, his own base, science, the people of Flint, Michigan, how the law works, obstructing justice (allegedly), shoving other political leaders, tweeting incoherent nonsense on a daily basis, education, renewable energy, and I could go on and on.

In truth, I haven’t felt like this since President George W. Bush took us into a few wars. I was actually afraid that the world might end while I was in high school. I know now that was a silly thought I had when I was younger, but now it seems entirely possible that Trump is purposely causing havoc to make me think that way again.

Will there be a future that is worth living in? I wonder what new parents in a hospital are thinking as they hold their newborn and look at the news on a nearby television. Is their happiness watered down by the thoughts of what their child will have to live in, in the near future? Will the future blame us? Because it’s starting to feel a bit like a Mad Max prequel.