02/08/2018 02:34 pm ET

There Have Been At Least 68 LGBTQ Winter Olympians. Here’s The List.

Almost half have been male figure skaters, according to historian Tony Scupham-Bilton.

Tony Scupham-Bilton is an incredible historian who has for years tracked LGBTQ Olympians, among many other pursuits. At his blog, Queerstory Files, he shares his painstaking research about the history of LGBTQ people and the community, bringing to light the names of people most of us have never seen or don’t remember.

Now he’s put out his list of all of the LGBTQ Olympians he knows of over history. These are people who came out publicly or have somehow otherwise been acknowledged publicly as being LGBTQ.

His latest list is of the 68 LGBTQ Winter Olympians over the course of time. While the first Winter Olympic Games were in 1924, his list starts with Ronnie Robertson, an American figure skater who competed in the 1956 Winter Olympics, and gets going in the 1960s.

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