10/15/2014 02:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nachotecture: The Key to Perfect Nachos Lies In Maximizing Surface Area (Trust Us)

by Matt Duckor


Photo by David Cicconi, styling by Rhoda Boone

The key to our Ultimate Nachos lies in Nachotecture.

You read that correctly: Nachotecture (the amalgamation of nachos and architecture, you see). What exactly constitutes bad nachos? Well, we've all been a victim of them--clumpy, unmelted cheese, dried-out proteins, and brittle chips that crack under the pressure of the nacho glory they've been asked to carry.

So, spread out your ingredients and avoid the urge to pile high. Instead of building your very own Leaning Tower of Tostitos, build layers of cheese, bean dip, and chip goodness on two sheet trays. Work in layers, making sure each ingredient is distributed as evenly as possible. That way, every square inch of your nachos gets the attention it deserves while in the oven.

But maximizing surface area is just one step on the path to perfect nachos. For the rest, consult our guide to Building the Ultimate Nachos, One Chip at a Time.

Get the Recipe: The Ultimate Nachos

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