12/09/2013 04:23 pm ET Updated Feb 08, 2014

Walk the Talk!

In my previous post, I've mentionned the burgeoning idea of a certain project of mine after I've attended a One Young World summit. Not only was my iniative big, it was important for me that a certain foundation takes interest in this project since alone, I would be useless.

After all the talkings in Johannesburg was done, I needed to walk the talk! In order to do so, one of my very first tasks was to get this idea out there to the right people. Of course, thanks to the internet and the wonderous world of social media, it is indeed easy to expose one's thoughts. However, delivering it to the right public, now that's the real game-changer. Getting a message passed to someone through the fuzzy-looking-cloud of information today is not a easy as it seems; it is challenging. Being able to pitch in an idea to a targeted audience requires a lot of creativity (so that you "pop" among the ocean of tweets, messages and e-mails) and a lot of patience (since you are not the only one with an idea to share, a reply/feedback often takes time to appear). To be honest, in my case, all was worth the wishing, waiting and praying.

In all honesty, I have encountered several setbacks to "getting my message out there" with the local news media. So I decided to take control of this matter and here I am blogging for the Huffington Post. I am more than grateful and it is way better than what I've expected!

So my first advice here would be: A "No" is never ultimate. Keep on trying because anything is possible. I know for a fact that waiting is one of the most frustrating part but just hang in there! The best is yet to come!

Secondly, a key ingredient to any project would be : Perseverance. Yes, this is my very own personal word-of-the-year. Don't let the difficulties intimidate you and don't let anybody intimidates you. Believe in yourself and just reach for it!

My third advice would be: don't flood your recipient's inbox/network. This attitude will make anybody feel attacked (plus uncomfortable) and when somebody feels a certain form of agression, he/she will put on a shield (ie. ignores you). Therefore, use all communication tools wisely.

Finally, just remember that any projects in life takes time. My generation is being dubbed the "Instant Generation". We get everything on a "click". We want to know the address of a new a restaurant: click. We want to purchase that e-book: click. We want to watch a movie: click. Everything appears within seconds, so it is hard to cope with the waiting especially in terms of hours, days, and (God-forbids) months. As I have mentionned above, we must remain patient.

However, all of this being said, I've managed to get in contact with the Laureus Foundation and others as well!

I hope to share more of this tale with you soon!