11/14/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Heavy Twitter Fire

CNN has been running a package about James T. Harris, a black supporter of John McCain who spoke strongly against Obama at a recent rally, and even exchanged hugs with McCain. It's called "McCain Supporter Under Fire" -- but the story never makes clear who is putting Harris under fire, nor what they said. There are no Obama campaign workers cited, nor surrogates, nor any reaction at the rally. The only "fire" comes from Twitter and Facebook messages that producers got from random alleged Obama supporters and read on the air.

During his rally appearance, Harris did say that he's gotten an "ass-whooping" for supporting McCain, but of course that's a potentially self-serving political narrative that CNN doesn't check, but enforces with random Internet communications. Harris, by the way, is a well-known conservative talk radio host in Wisconsin. How did Harris conveniently end up with a front row seat and a microphone? He says: "I just ended up being in this place through a series of events," and added "I am not a shill."

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