04/23/2007 02:00 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Moyers Being Moyers

I gotta run this morning to a memorial service for Arthur Schlesinger Jr. I got back from Washington last night but wanted to drop by the Museum of the City of New York for the party celebrating 110 years of the Forward and see the wonderful exhibition about the paper's storied and moving history (and then, of course, there was that matter of the old weapons charge to clear up ...), so I don't have time to be too entertaining. I wanted everyone to make sure to be aware of Bill Moyers' 90-minute program, Buying the War, which will be broadcast on PBS this Wednesday night. Everyday Altercation readers will be familiar with the contours of the piece and much of the evidence -- as it speaks directly to what is perhaps the primary obsession of this website -- but the piece is incredibly compelling and satisfying nonetheless because Moyers, being Moyers, is able to demand a measure of accountability from those responsible. It's fascinating to see how the ones who are brave enough to show up react to the questioning of their responsibility for helping to lead their nation so far astray. Yours truly is not in the documentary and had nothing whatever to do with it -- though I suppose I should disclose my longtime personal and professional relationship with Moyers while writing this. Greg Mitchell, who has no such relationship, writes this terrific intro to the doc, and calls it "devastating," and per usual, we are down with him on that. There's also a fine article here in USA Today where we also learn, in a sidebar, that Bill's returning to PBS, back on Fridays at 9, when he will be interviewing Jon Stewart and Josh Marshall.

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