07/19/2007 06:59 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

It's Ailes and Cavuto the WSJ Should Fear

What has been missing from the stream of Rupert Murdoch-centered analysis is a detailed discussion about the negative fall-out the Wall Street Journal faces from being so closely aligned with the Fox News television empire. What's going to happen to the newspaper's integrity when it's used as a high-profile marketing tool to help boost the Fox Business Network, and indirectly Fox News?

There's no reason to think the new Fox Business Network will shed the telltale dishonesty that's been Fox News' trademark for years. After all, the new cable venture is being developed by Fox News boss and former Republican strategist Roger Ailes, and will be anchored by the proudly biased Neil Cavuto,

In other words, Wall Street Journal editors and reporters, meet your television news partner.

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