04/12/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Winter Weather Headlines Drudge Won't Dare Touch

Or, welcome to the 'Global Warming Games'!

I've been having fun recently mocking the normally weather-obsessed Matt Drudge, as well as the rest of the right-wing media, for refusing to acknowledge the big pre-Winter Olympics story out of Vancouver: The Canadian outpost has a shortage of snow thanks to an historic January heat wave [emphasis added]:

it comes as little surprise that this January will go down as the warmest in Vancouver history. The 44.8-degree 31-day average easily eclipsed the previous mark of 43.3, set in 2006. Since record-keeping began in 1937, the January average had been 37.9.

But of course, that's bad news for Drudge and his anti-reason friends at Fox, because this winter's meme has been that, OMG, it's been snowing a lot (in some place) in January and February, which means (duh!) global warming, or climate change, must be bunk, right? Because if it's snowing today, that means the atmosphere won't continue to warm for decades to come, right? (Makes perfect sense.)

So naturally, Drudge and Fox News ignore the Vancouver heat wave story. (It does not exist!) But if you had to select the Vancouver Winter Olympics headlines that Drudge will never, ever link to, here they are:

-Climate change blamed for Olympic snow shortage

-Global warming a threat for the Olympics?

-Global warming an Olympic worry, says Rogge

-Meteorologist Tim Kelley says climate change is to blame for mild weather

-Olympic organizers desperate for climate change

-Welcome to the global warming games (This is no snow job)

UPDATED: I'll even throw in a Media Matters trucker hat as a prize if Drudge gets up the nerve to acknowledge the biggest story of the Olympics so far -- the Canadian winter heat wave!!

UPDATED: Another key headline from today that the GOP Noise Machine must absolutely ignore:

-IOC: Global Warming Could Affect Winter Olympics

UPDATED: The latest weekend forecast for Vancouver's opening ceremony weekend:

Rain and above-seasonal temperatures are expected to dampen the first day of Olympic events Saturday at Cypress Mountain.

Can't wait to hear how the Fox News team explains how this proves climate change is for suckers.

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