01/01/2007 03:45 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ode to 2006

2006 ended in a somber December

As the 3,000th solider died in Iraq, we remember.

Ford passed away leaving people to question his politics.

And Saddam"s hanging will soon be a special on Netflix.

Abramoff was jailed for flying politicians on his jet

And how could we forget about our national steep debt.

Cheney shot a man in the face, showing no regret.

But America was focused on Suri being a brunette.

It was also the year of rampant racism:

Michael Richards's comedy lacked witticism

Mel Gibson and the Jews, well, talk about a schism

And George "Macaca" Allen should have listened to Rosa"s purism.

North Korea's nuclear program became headlined

And Osama Bin Laden we still cannot find.

For I really did not need to see Borat's behind

Who cares that Kevin and Britney had a change of mind?!

Israel and Hezbollah caused trouble in the Gaza Strip

While John Murtha for a while was a lonely lip.

Mark Foley played with participants of his internship

And to call Pluto our planet is no longer hip.

Tucker dancing with the stars was certainly a highlight

While Couric become the first female anchor at night.

Star Jones left The View and put up a fight,

And the Rosie-Donald brawl was anything but polite.

The Democratic take over became a major story line

And Donald Rumsefeld was ultimately forced to resign.

Al Gore pleaded with Americans to see the temperature incline.

The Iraq Study Group published a grave warning sign.

So it was the year of you and you and you

But please remember everyone else too,

Including an intervention in Darfur, long overdue

And that is the end of my 2006 review!