03/19/2014 06:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gary Lang At Ace Gallery (PHOTOS)

On Thursday, February 27, 2014, ACE Gallery, Beverly Hills, held an exhibition of work by Gary Lang titled "Circles/ Words," exploring for the first time, in combination, Lang's two distinct bodies of work. Since the early 1980's Lang has explored his Circles in concert with his Word Work, begun in the early 70's. This exhibit marks the first time the Words are installed along with Lang's Circles in a gallery. The Circles and the Words combine seemingly opposing elements: the rational and the emotional, the harmonic and the dissonant, and a high degree of controlled randomness.

(This article is part of an ongoing photojournalism survey of art exhibition openings in SoCal titled EMS N(art)rative. Through my lens I document a photographic essay or visual "N(art)rative" that captures the happenings, personalities, collectors, gallerists, artists, and the art itself; all elements that form the richly varied and textured fabric of the SoCal art world. This reconnaissance offers a unique view for serious art world players to obtain news and information on the current pulse of what's in the now, yet capturing timeless indelible images for posterity and legacy. Here is EMS N(art)rative Three.)


Gary Lang opening night draws a large crowd at Ace Gallery, Beverly Hills. Photo by EMS.


Gary Lang (center). Photo by EMS.


Jay Mark Johnson and Ed Moses. Photo by EMS.


Director at Ace Gallery Jennifer Kellen and artist Gisela Colon. Photo by EMS.


Gary Lang. Photo by EMS.


Artists David Lloyd, Jayme Odgers and Lisa Adams.


Gary Lang and artist Ruth Pastine. Photo by EMS.


Jim and Susan Crawford and Ruth Pastine. Photo by EMS.


Douglas Chrismas. Photo by EMS.


Gary Lang and Mark Oberhofer. Photo by EMS.


Gary Lang. Photo by EMS.


Artist Sharon Weiner, Ruth Bachofner, and Ruth Pastine. Photo by EMS.


Cooper Johnson, MOAH Director Andi Campognone and Gary Lang. Photo by EMS.


Gary Lang and Peter Shelton (right). Photo by EMS.


Mat Gleason, Lucas Reiner, and Gerald Giamportone. Photo by EMS.


Dewain Valentine with Gisela Colon and her art. Photo by EMS.


Dewain Valentine and his art. Photo by EMS.

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