12/08/2014 12:26 pm ET Updated Feb 07, 2015

Worthy of Sacrifice

Nobody told us that we would be missing holiday meals with the family. Nobody told us how many hours it would actually take. Nobody told us about the 10-mile runs, or the 6 a.m. workouts. Nobody told us we would have to practice every day. Nobody told us about the pressure we would feel at times, or about the pain we would endure. Yet we persist and work to reach our goals, because they are much more than just sports to us. To us, sports have been a part of our lives as long as we can remember, and our dreams revolve around what we've known for so long.

In everything we do, we remember our goals, and sacrifice is just a part of life. We've been familiar with sacrifice since we were young; there have always been days when we didn't feel like practicing, but we did. And honestly it didn't even feel like a sacrifice once we got there, because we love what we do. In fact, we are so sick in the head that part of us has started to enjoy the early morning workouts. Maybe it's the opportunity to start the day with our favorite group of people in the world, our team. Or maybe it's the gargantuan breakfast consumed immediately following the workout, but we've grown accustomed to this morning routine. The point is that we don't mind the aching, the exhaustion, or the stress, because to us it is more than worth it. After all, sports have taught us more about life than ten years of schooling.

We are not perfect. At times we complain. The life of a scholar athlete proves to be too much for everyone at times. That is why we are forever grateful for our families and support systems that have helped us through. We stumble and at times fall short of our goals, but we do not lose hope. We work harder, and we make our dreams come true.

We are the athletes, the students and the workers. We embrace sacrifice and we strive for improvement. Some day sports will end for us, but our years of dedication will not be lost. The habits we have created will guide us through our careers, our marriages and our struggles because to us life is not so different from sport. In life we will win many of our battles and of course we will lose some, but we will not let the hardships break us down because we know the power of persistence and sacrifice, and we always come out on top.