09/29/2015 01:48 pm ET Updated Sep 29, 2016

Even the Person Who Collected the Footage Carly Fiorina Says She Saw Proves She Didn't See It


Another day, another person proves that Carly Fiorina didn't see the video that she claims she saw. What's interesting is that, this time, it is the person who is responsible for collecting the very footage that Fiorina claims she viewed.

As first reported by Time's Michael Scherer, Gregg Cunningham, the founder of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, released unedited footage of a purported abortion, a clip of which was later used in videos from the Center for Medical Progress. The video released today does show a fetus that moves, but Cunningham could not confirm that it was video of an abortion. He also refused to say if the video was taken at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Fiorina, at the last Republican debate, made the now widely debunked claim that those videos included "a fully formed fetus on the table, it's heart beating, it's legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain."

As to whether Fiorina may have seen these newly released videos, and this new video -- not the edited Center for Medical Progress video -- is what she was referring to, Cunningham says no.

"[This newly released video] is unimaginably more horrifying than the clip that we licensed for CMP to use and that Carly Fiorina made reference to in the debate," Cunningham told Scherer.

Further, the newly released video still doesn't show what Fiorina said she saw -- a video where anyone says the fetus must be kept alive to harvest its brain. In fact, no one says anything in the video, because there is no audio track to the video.

Apparently, there never was any audio track to this video. Therefore, it is impossible that anyone -- doctor, nurse, or otherwise -- said on the tapes, "We have to keep it alive to harvest its brain." Either Carly Fiorina lied, or she's hearing voices in her head (which would raise a much more serious issue than her lying).

Will any of this cause Fiorina to finally admit she was embellishing what she saw, for effect? That is unlikely. Challenged multiple times by Chuck Todd, on this weekend's Meet the Press, Fiorina refused to give in.

"That scene absolutely does exist. And that voice saying what I said they were saying, "We're going to keep it alive to harvest its brain" exists as well," she maintained.

Fiorina is betting that not backing down from her well-documented embellishments and lies will cause an exhausted media to stop challenging her on them. Not just on the videos she never saw, but a host of other false statements, as well.

Time will tell if she is right.