10 New Year's Resolutions the Supreme Court Should Adopt

  1. Enter the 21st century and allow television cameras in the Courtroom: What are you trying to hide?

  • You don't own the Supreme Court Building -- you rent it: Open the front door and let people climb up the historic steps again.
  • When the President of the United States invites you to an official function, show up: Attend the State of the Union.
  • When you attend the State of the Union, feel free to stand, applaud, or even make faces (respectfully) just like the other politicians in the room.
  • At least once a year make an appearance on a major network: Most Americans don't even know your names.
  • If Texas or any other state wants to use affirmative action in its Flagship University, don't interfere: The 14th Amendment was passed to help minorities -- not to stop the majority from helping them.
  • Please, please, no more 100 page decisions with concurring opinions, dissenting opinions, and dissenting concurrences: No one with a life wants to read decisions that long.
  • Remember the Constitution gives Congress the power to enforce the 14th Amendment: Do not send us back to the 19th century by overturning the Voting Rights Act.
  • Remember that it is not your job to make health care policy or tell Congress the best way to regulate interstate commerce: Uphold the Affordable Care Act even if it takes three days to do it.
  • For Justice Thomas only: Ask some questions, please; it has been over five years!