02/13/2012 12:56 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Install a Drip Watering System

Drip irrigation is a more efficient way to bring water to your plants. Here, Eric shows you how to install a simple battery-operated system.

The parts needed:

•The electric timer is connected directly to the water source. You program the timer to turn the water to your system on and off.
• The Backflow Preventer keeps contaminated water from washing back in to your home's water system,
• A Pressure Regulator will prevent high water pressure from damaging the system.
• A Filter, and a hose adapter will hook up your drip watering hoses.
• ½ inch plastic hose is your main line which you run from the timer assembly in to your garden.
• ¼ inch plasic hose connects your ½ inch main line to the drip emitters.
• Emitters, which you put in the soil carry the water directly to the plants. They come in drip and spray types and a variety of flow rates.

Tools needed:
• Punch to make holes for ¼ inch lines in the ½ inch line
• Garden Shears