02/10/2015 02:30 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Letter to a Relic

Are you sick of hearing bigoted lawmakers propose anti-gay legislation due to their frustration in losing the marriage equality battle?

Do you want to send a strongly worded letter their way, but find there is not enough time in the day to compose one?

Good news friends, today I offer you an easy fill in the blank letter, which addresses the points we all hope these relics will finally understand.

So, please share and print these out, and let's fill up their mailboxes reminding them just how wrong they really are.

Dear _________________________________,

I'd like to offer my condolences on your loss. I know how hard it is to really fight for a cause and then see it not gain any momentum with the public. All those hours spent, all that sweeping rhetoric when the media casts its eye on you and all that taxpayer money lost to a war that has been won by the opponent.

I also know that the people of the United States will always find their way to what is right and just.

And that's what happened isn't it?

After decades of fear mongering and arguments that held no basis in fact, the people of this country have decided that love is truly equal and that not allowing people to marry based on sexuality is something now relegated to the history books. Courts across the country have overwhelmingly defended the Constitution and made it known that prohibiting gay and lesbian citizens from marriage is just not how America works. Our sitting President became an advocate for change and let it be known that in his vision for America, gay and lesbian citizens have full and equal rights, and with that the walls came crashing down not just in our country, but all over the world.

We know that this has been a costly war. How many of our brothers and sisters have been killed due to ignorance? How many children sought an escape plan with a bottle of pills or a plunge from a bridge because they had no other option in sight? How many died as a horrific plague swept our community because the sitting President wouldn't say or do anything until he was standing on the graves of thousands of people? The numbers are staggering, but we carry their souls with us now in these last waning moments of wartime.

We also know that battles will always spring up as long as there are people like you who will find any loophole possible to rid us of equal rights and protection. But this time we're ready. This time, we have allies and the majority of American citizens behind us in the fight. Our numbers are massive. Our passion is tremendous. Our cause is a universal one, as it's the only way towards the future our forefathers sought out.

In a world where the media is there to catch every moment, it is impossible for your arguments to hold any credibility. You preach and meander on about "moral values" and "following God's orders," yet you live each day a hypocrite in the way you live your life. Open a bible and tell me that you live according to every principle within it. Tell me your clothes are not of mixed fibers. Tell me that you avoid the foods that are forbidden. Tell me that you stay away from your spouse once a month as directed by the Old Testament. Slaveholders also would use the bible to keep their slaves and would point out the passages where God was professing that what they were doing was right. How does history paint those monsters now?

You do have an escape plan though.

As in any defeat, there must be a treaty drawn up afterwards so that both parties can move forward and live within the same world.

And I offer you this...

Move on. You are in a position of authority that can do so much good for your country, so go do it. There are millions that go hungry in this country every day, let's feed them. There are millions of children that aren't receiving a proper education, let's teach them. There are millions of veterans that aren't receiving proper care or help in work placement, lets help them. You see, there are REAL problems in this world that need to be addressed, and allowing same sex couples to marry is simply not one of them.

Anyone can be reborn and choose a better path for themselves. All that is left is your legacy when you pass. How will the history books mark you? How will your children and grandchildren view you? Are you a stain on the American flag or are you one of the threads that keeps her strong and resilient.

Wishing you the best in your decision,