06/19/2011 03:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Conversations About My Father: Happy Father's Day From NY Rangers Brian Boyle and Brandon Dubinsky

Growing up just outside of Boston, NY Ranger Brian Boyle was one of 13 kids. Brian says he isn't sure how his father Arthur Boyle, or "Artie," (spoken in a Boston accent it rhymes with Karate he jokingly says) managed it, but that his dad "did so much for each child individually and as a whole ... we were so well taken care for and we were given so many opportunities."

When Brian was in high school his father was diagnosed with a seemingly terminal case of kidney cancer. It was something that instilled a deep faith in the family and brought everyone closer together. Healthy now, he has 15 grandchildren that affectionately refer to him as "The Chief" since Arthur Boyle had no interest in being called "Grandpa."

Brandon Dubinsky fondly remembers growing up in Alaska, "It was a great ... especially being a hockey player -- it was the best place you could think about growing up." He is especially grateful his father built an ice rink in the backyard. Brandon says he admires his father's discipline and has leaned on him throughout his hockey career for support and advice. According to Brandon, the best advice his Father ever gave him was to "Be honest. Be true to yourself. Make sure you always give your best effort and work as hard as you can and whatever you want to do, you can do it if you put the time and the effort into it."