05/21/2008 10:54 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Democrats Unite

The violence of the political dialogue lately has made me understand how desperate the electorate is after nearly eight years of Repugnicans and three stolen elections. I totally understand Obamamania--and I also get the frustration of voters who wanted this to be the year we broke through the glass ceiling for women.

But let's get real. It's time for Democrats to put all personal bias aside and unite behind the things we believe in: a planet we can live on, reproductive choice, workers rights, health care for all, education for poor and middle class students, fair taxes, a Constitution made whole, rescuing America from war profiteers -- if indeed there is still time.

It's already very late. It's too late for quarrels about whether race or gender is more restricting. It's too late for prognostications about a future presidency we won't know until it has unfolded. Remember so-called compassionate conservatism? It turned out to be neither compassionate nor conservative. Why anybody believes election slogans mystifies me. But we do know this: a landslide for Democrats will change the direction of this country. So let's join forces to make it happen--and let's start now.

I don't believe that passionate Hillary supporters will vote for McCain in fits of pique. I sure won't. The truth is that Obama and Clinton are so similar politically that without generational and gender differences they'd be indistinguishable. Perhaps the passion for or against these two Democrats was revved up by how very close they are in vision. Sometimes people need to disagree for the sake of disagreeing.

Obama is right to offer his applause for Hillary's tenacity. He is right to take the high road. I doubt that she will be remembered for taking the low road. In politics as in life, tenacity is all. Where is Chappaquiddick now that Teddy Kennedy has honorably served decade after decade in the Senate?

If Hillary loses the nomination, maybe she can get a life by divorcing Bill. I was always a defender of their curious marriage but having seen him try to sabotage her campaign, I wonder. Maybe she'd get a burst of energy by cutting loose. Imagine her with additional fire -- she could rescue our stalled space program with her own built-in rocket.